Monday, November 06, 2006

US Half - San Francisco - 5 November 2006

Victorious Cath Parker

Start your engines!

Golden Gate Bridge awaits...

San Franciso Bay

Golden Gate Bridge

Cath Parker (EYB San Fran)/Race Time: 1:48 mins reports...

"Americans are extremely, unashamedly enthusiastic and with the warm up jazzercise, loud music and "ARE Y'ALL REAAADYY???" chants by the MC at the start line, the vibe at the US Half Marathon in San Francisco would have made any EYBer proud.

Like parts of Cape Town, the hills in San Francisco are quite something else and I'll definitely have to make peace with them to enjoy running over here! With Alcatraz rising out of the fog to the right, we started in the Marina and continued along and up two steep hills (think Constantia Nek!) and over the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the first time I've ever been on the bridge, and as far as first times go, this was spectacular!

After a loop round the other side, we turned back along the bridge and downhill (yay) back along the water's edge to the finish at Fisherman's Wharf. What an experience and definitely worth the pain I now feel in my knees. A superb vibe all round and a great day out. Here's to the start of EYB San Francisco and the Earn Your New York in a year from now!"

TGK helping Doorsy after the GRAPE RUN - Time on the legs for the Marathon Man!!

Yesterday saw the running of the New York Marathon!!

Hopefully some of the keener potentials for next year caught a glimpse of the epic vibe on TV, and are inspired to get out there and take on the challenge next year. The NYC Marathon is probably the most well supported race in the world, with hundreds and thousands of spectators lining the route. The 3 mile stretch into the finish of the race in Central Park is something rather special and makes the day out something never to forget!!

Well done Cath!! We look forward to getting to know the 'earn your' vibe in San Fran a little better, so will keep an eye on the site over the upcoming months!!



364 days and counting...


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