Friday, November 24, 2006

Constantia Neck - Skeleton Gorge

Beef showing the way above Constantia and out to False Bay

Athletes snaking their way up the steps above Constantia Neck

Hely-Hutchenson Reservoir


After a fantastic EYB dinner at Relish on Saturday night (full report
to come) it's time to get back out onto the mountains.

The weather is looking awesome for Sunday and we can expect to be met
by clear skies and temperatures creeping into the 30's.

We will be heading up the jeep track steps from the Constantia Neck car
park and heading up towards the Hely-Hutchenson Reservoir for some VAVT,
and for those willing to have a dip, a little swim to cool off. We will
then descend via Skeleton Gorge which will be an EYB first.

Swimming is at own risk as it is officially prohibited by the Table
Mountain National Park, but I'm told people do it anyway.

The hike promises spectacular views and some proper vibe.

Where do I park (WDIP): Constantia Neck Car park, be sure to give
Newlands Cricket Ground a wide berth due to the ODI starting at 10am.

Time: 8:45am, on the mountain by 9am.

What to bring: Plenty, plenty, plenty of water!! Sun-cream, hats, snacks
etc. Bathers if willing to give it a go. Warm top.

PHV: A fairly brief post hike vibe will be enjoyed at the Constantia
Neck Hotel as I think there will be some very thirsty athletes by the
time we come off the mountain.

PPHVV (Post "Post Hike Vibe" Vibe): The Earn Your athletes will be
meeting at Kirstenbosch Gardens at 4pm to settle into the vibe before
Cape Town's own Goldfish entertain the crowds between 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Awesome athletes.

See you there!

Earn Your Breakfast


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