Friday, December 29, 2006

EYB looks back on an inspirational 2006!!

Create Your Own Reality!

Earn Your Breakfast started as a hiking group in Cape Town, South Africa in June 2006.

It was founded with the intention of acting on rather than talking about the awesome outdoors, and all it has to offer us. Living and earning a healthy balanced lifestyle involves a personal choice, and the EYB 'lifestyle' soon inspired others to follow suit. It has evolved spontaneously since its inception and has inspired a vibe that belongs to those who create it. (currently under construction) will be a future channel and forum through which any activity or vibe of healthy proactive living can be shared and broadcasted to those willing to be inspired. EYB encourages and salutes any activity that involves anyone who believes in creating enriching experiences for themselves, no matter how big or small.

As we approach the end of the year and look into the future of an exciting 2007, EYB leaves you with a few closing 2006 inspirational adventures...

*DEVIL'S PEAK SCOUT RUN - Cape Town Summer

Click here to enjoy a full account of an amazing route up Devils Peak with all the photos and info attached!

*ARANGIESKOP 2 DAY EPIC - 01st - 3rd Dec

Overnight Hut

EYB Athletes!

Soaring with the vibe!!!

1700m Arangieskop summit!!

Migs and Abi!

Click here to enjoy a full account of an amazing 2 Day Arangieskop Epic with all the photos...


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

EYB hits the Kowie Striders 5km in Port Alfred

EYB Athletes coming down the finishing straight - Wonderful

Team Port Alfred finishing as a bus

Auntie Suza, Nicky and Riche

Tam, Nicky, Mr K, Lyle, Suza and Riche at the finish

With EYB athletes dispersed around the country over the festive season, it is always good to see that the Earn Your mentality is not lost.

A bus of EYB athletes enjoyed a 5km fun run around Port Alfred in the Kowie Striders event at the Port Alfred Cricket Club.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the festive season and look forward to seeing everyone out there in the new year.

Earn Your Breakfast!!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Friday AM Morning Madness brands the Promenade with EYB Christmas Cheer

What Sea Point Vibe?

FAMM'S Christmas Spirit continues this Friday as Santa's Elves take to the Sea Point promenade in record numbers! Last week saw 6 + 2 Elves head up Lion's Head for what was another spectacular morning of Earning...the weather was perfect, the company even better and the views never fail. It was a special morning out, as 2 UK EYB Athletes took to the Cape Mountains - great to have you part of our growing FAMM community Carl and Ruth, and look forward to many more EYB experiences with you guys!
Carols seemed to have got the better of some athletes but Santa even crawled out of bed at the crack of dawn, and made it to the summit before us, where he left some delicious Christmas nibbles for the inspiring group of Athletic Elves!
So with Christmas now just around the corner and as EYB Athletes begin their holidays, FAMM calls all elves, reindeer, Father Christmas's and fatigued Athletes to rumble up some last minute energy before the year fades away and get onto the promenade for a morning of sunrises, sea air, banter, Christmas cheer and maybe even a run!

What date: Friday, 22nd December...3 more sleeps to Christmas!

What time:
545am...some might say this could kill the Christmas cheer in one go, but Athletes would tend to disagree. Which one are you?

Newport Deli/Wakame parking lot on Beach Rd, Mouille Point. Go along Beach Rd with the blue ocean on your left, go past the lighthouse and you will see these restaurants pop up a few hundred metres down on your right hand side. EYB branding will lead the way...

What must I bring:
Access will be denied on all accounts if one doesn't bring along any form, sign, object or action of Christmas VIBE. The Santa EYB police will be out in force so think ahead, plan your outfit and get ready for the best Christmas run you've ever had!

FLA Friendly:
Dogs are more than welcome, leashes a must for certain parts of the promenade.

We will start and end at Newport Deli so a hot cappuccino or an iced tea awaits us on our return. Its a perfect setting to take in the morning, the views and reflect on the year, so schedule a late meeting or start your holiday early as this a PHV you don't want to miss!

So as the year winds down on the EYB Athletes, some very fatigued....others rearing to go, FAMM has one last morning in 2006 to excite, inspire and EARN! Its a new route, one which has been scouted many times before, but it is now calling for FAMM Athletes far and wide to brand the promenade with EYB footprints!


One can already see the EYB footprints taking charge...


Friday, December 15, 2006


The great book of fairy tales has been added to, with Snow White and the 7 Dwarves having developed into a modern day sequel... filled with the requisite excitement, anguish, love, hate and in the end a truelly happy ending.

After the copious amounts of FA, the prince has wisked Snow White off to the secret honeymoon destination in NeverNeverGetOutofBedLand and the dwarves have been left to their own devices. Due to affirmative action, retirement and Jake White being in the selection panel, the Dwarf makeup has changed a tad. The team now consists of:

Leady - Al
Happy - Mrs. Vibe
Newby - Carla
Moany - Mr. Vibe
Surfy - Migs
Legaly - Abi
Smiley - Cynthia

With Moany looking despairingly at the mast and firing off a load of "are we there yet" type questions to Leady... the group sets off to find the Steel at the End of the Cloud. All members hoping to star in Monty Pythons next release, In Search of the Holy View, a brisk pace was set with the 4 FLA's happily leaving their size differences in the car park and eating up the space between us and the lookout point. This is where the fairly tale truely takes shape... Happy living ture to her name, Newby soaking up the vibe, Surfy gazing longingly at the False bay shores, Smiley controling the small dog synfrome FLA and Legaly loving the views..... Leady pushed the troups past the lookout and up to the mast where the spectacular Hout Bay, Noordhoek, False Bay and Southern Suburbs view silnced even the most talkative of the bunch.

This was the peak of the story... the only tribulations being from the road travelled, new love being found in the views, heartache from the fact that we all had to descend to the cruel cruel world and the evil Monday looming even closer.

The route down takes on to the view point looking over Hout Bay and back along a well worn path to the resevoirs. PHV was a well deserved Empire Cafe Feast - HAT award to Moany for making the trek with a serious hangover, BALLOON to leady for not finding out about the 'no wild card, no FLA' rule.

A well worth while story to follow.... 3 hours round trip... unsurpassed views and good times!
Until the next tale...


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa and his Elves summit Lion's Head

What EYB Christmas Spirit?

With Christmas Festivities well under way in the EYB camp, this week's FAMM is set to up the level slightly with what is set to hopefully be, the biggest group of Xmas hats to take to the Cape Mountains! News reporters will be in a reporting frenzy as Santa's elves are spotted all over Lion's Head with vibe vibe vibe! So as 2006 draws to a close we are hoping to make this the biggest FAMM of the year, so bring your husband, wife, FA, neighbour and of course your FLA's and lets paint Lion's Head Red with Christmas Spirit!

What time: 545am, so that the vibe of EYB can step foot on the mountains by 6am at the latest. Please attempt a prompt arrival for this week as we want to try and have a longer VAVT for maximum Elf exposure on the summit!

WDIP: This shouldn't be too hard but for all those new debutants that are set to arrive this week, drive along Signal Hill Rd and park your sleigh at the first parking on your right hand side. I will ensure that there is enough entertainment for the reindeers while we summit!

What to bring: This is a FAMM that requires your A Game so best not to leave it at Carols tonight! Access to the Yellow Brick Rd is only permitted if one is showing some Xmas Spirit, may it be a Santa's hat, reindeer nose or even a Santa Suit! What vibe?

VAVT: The view doesn't get better, the vibe will be enormous, the tea and coffee will be flowing in epic proportions and perhaps Santa will have been kind to us all this year and left us some nibbles by the Xmas Tree....

has created a platform in 2006 for Athletes of all nature to get out there, whether in a team or flying solo, to EARN EARN EARN! The vibe, spirit and shear enthusiasm in which this has all been executed has been pure inspiration. Elements have been faced, FA's lost, gadgets attained, gnomes gone amiss, worries lost on the mountains, routes scouted and then challenged and overall and most importantly experiences shared! So before we all head off to celebrate 2006 with our families near and afar lets build on this platform of vibe and make this one of EYB'S greatest Christmas memories!

If this is what 2006 created, imagine what 2007 will inspire....

See all you Santas, Elves, and Reindeers next to your sleighs tomorrow morning ready to Earn your Christmas!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Piketberg post is live - repeat - LIVE


Ok athletes, it's taken nearly two months to the day, but EYB's first away hike to the Piketberg is live, all you have to do is click here to enjoy.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Views Guaranteed

Could be interesting for a lot of the athletes after hearing the Saturday night plans, but a must for all! Silvermine will be explored and a possible reservoir rendezvous in order if the weather gods happen to be kind to us.

So where would a bunch of athletes possibly want to go ? Well, Elephant Eye it will be... across to the mast, over to the spectacular views of Hout Bay and back down to the car park. Why this route one may ask.... double the views!

Bring your A game, invite your neighbour and lets make this one of the biggest ever. PHV promises to be epic, with Muizenberg offering its best. If you have a board, bring it....nothing like a surf after a great hike. What healthy lifestyle?

Time: 8:45 it is. That is more than enough time to apply the neccessary makeup to hide the post-phuza face! (Both Mr. and Mrs Vibe)

WDIP: Go into Silvermine, follow the board until the last car park near the reservoir. Look for the cars with the EYB stickers. Get out and hug everyone hello. Please note that cellphone reception once past the main gate and in the car park is almost non-existent, so make all necessary calls/texts before driving through to the end. The HATT AWARD was born on a day when the godfather Andrew Hatt couldn't get hold of us due to the reception issues, and ran all the way from the Main Entrance and only stopped once he found us at the Elephants Eye Cave (see map)... unbelievable!!!!!

Empire cafe is the chosen destination with the ability to provide the much needed caffeine boosts and after-hike-munchie-annihilators. This cafe is on the shores of the big white fish bay, commonly known as Muizenberg.

What to bring: The weather is rather ambiguous for Sunday so check the sky before you head out but always best to come prepared! You know the drill by now....

See ya there!



FAMM - gotta love this city!

"No pain, no gain" - whoever said this is an idiot.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder" - pure genius!

You probably wondering what these two seemingly contrasting sayings have to do with this mornings FAMM. Well, lets just say that for some athletes pain and beer were top of mind and last nights festivities took their toll. Huge vibe from all who made it and thanks to Smashers 'Still-tasting-of-tequila' (STOT) camel bak for helping the hungover members of the party feel even worse!

It was an awesome route with mother nature throwing out her full splendour at every VAV point. The FLA's nearly outnumbered the athletes to see a 6+4 party do this incredible route. Will definately be doing this one more often.

For those who didn't make it - please send your official apologies to Seriously though - big up to all who came and we hope those who were kept away due to injury recover soon!

Sunday hike post will go up later..... think EYB Fort.

Lions head has been stamped - the EYB vibe is evident everywhere!
(Yes Abi and Migs, the dog in the pic is Tana)


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FAMM pioneers yet another Lion's Head Route

What route?

Just when we thought all routes, paths, gnomes and rivers had been conquered on the face of Lion's Head, FAMM "scouters" devise yet another epic morning out on the Cape mountains. Weather seems to have it in for FAMM Athletes, as yet another cold front is due to come our way....let this not be a deterrent... but rather let the elements create a internal need to rise early Friday morning, put on some warm athletic gear, drive the chicanes of De Waal Drive and put those legs into action to create another morning of FAMM VIBE!

Its a pretty chilled route that heads out down Kloof Nek Rd and then we jump right onto the mountain and run along the contour path around the base of Lion's Head and up to the Signal Hill Saddle. Depending on VAVT and team fitness we'll jog along the saddle for a few strides before we let the legs hit the tar and then jog it in back to the cars where our morning reward of TIF and muffins awaits us yet again.

What time: 5:45am Sharp

WDIP: Its no surprise that we'll meet yet again in the spacious Klook Nek Carpark. Turn left into the Cable Rd and its immediately on your left.

Does it even need another mention.
Cluedo clue number one: Mr Blue Steel, with the mug, in the red room.

FAMM Athletes have never been shy of the elements so hopefully we'll see you all out there again this Friday for yet another beautiful morning on our mountains, where legs are tested, heart rates lifted,Tuffy is emptied and above all VIBE is shared!!



Tuesday, December 05, 2006


EYB London Team

Carl and Grant

Cols and Grant

EYB LONDON - Il Falco Reports...

"Last weekend saw the running of the infamous 'Hellrunner' on a secluded army base in the south of England. Some of our EYB London faithful had decided to take on the challenge presented by the mud, bogs, sand and off-course the weather (it is November after all). Grant "the Guru", Cols "JF" and "Il Falco" made their way down to the wilderness early on Sun morning. We were lucky enough to arrive with some spare time, which immediately prompted a bit of recon work to scope out the severity of the course. After a short look the nerves got the better of us and we quickly returned to the car, the banter fell silent as we tried to decide how our fitness and humour was going to cope with the ankle deep sand pits and the freezing cold "water hazards" (Lakes to you and me). As is custom we focused on applying the vas and stretching, choosing rather to ignore what lay ahead of us.

There were 1500 odd like minded folk who appeared at the start line and the crowd vibe was truly some of the best that I have experienced. Worries were put to rest by the old timers who just nodded and explained that the route is "survivable"!!!! In a flurry of devils and fireworks we were off to tackle the 12 miles ahead of us with no real idea of what to expect. What followed was definitely one of the best races I have been involved in and a definite calendar entry for all those who are around the UK this time next year. The banter , although sometimes subdued, was always about. The crowds played out of their boots to come and support. The mixture of hard climbs, the bogs of hell and the hills of hell made for a tough event that required determination and perseverance. The weather even seemed to play its part with the sun making a break through the clouds to remind us of why we do this.

Starting and finishing together, London EYB performed well with every one of us scoring a PB on the route (forget the fact that it was a first for all of us). London EYB has decided to take on winter and although the war is far from won I think it is safe to say that the first battle was a resounding victory for the Vibe.

Some pre and post shots serve as a reminder of what we went through, but for those of you who are interested in what it really looked like (knee deep in a freezing bog) take a gander at the photo section of The hellrunner South photos are out and the relevant race numbers to look for are: Carl – 1576, Cols – 149, 1G – 1509.

One of our merry band - moi - will be taking on a 8 hour adventure race on the 3 December, but was a late draft for another team. Although (as far as I am aware) no other EYB athletes will partake I promise to keep the Vibe alive and will try post a short report on that the following week.

Don't get stuck, get stuck in (just not in a bog)."



FAMM athletes take on the Table!!

Rewarding Morning Madness

Last friday saw another FAMM session fire up some EYB athletes on the Face of the Table. This route is a real beauty and highly recommended to anyone who is keen to get out on the amazing table mountain contour path. After a short climb up Platteklip Gorge, all the FAMM athletes took a sharp right at the 'Breakfast Rock' and jogged it in towards the Beacon on the Lions Head side of the Table.

A fresh pace set by the FAMM troops allowed for a proper VAVT stop at one of the most beautiful and easily accessible spots on the mountain. A brief backtrack route saw us flying down towards the Cable Station and back onto Tafelberg Rd, for a cheeky breather.

VAVT and FLA (see glossary if 'huh')...lovin it!

Queen of the Mountains - FAMM Creator - Caro Fisher, then bulleted off at break-neck speeds towards the cars parked quietly in the Kloof Nek Car Park, and had TIF and Muffins waiting for the FAMM athletes as they came jogging in. Another awesome Friday morning on the mountain!!

TIF and Muffins

What a way to start the weekend!!



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