Friday, December 08, 2006

Views Guaranteed

Could be interesting for a lot of the athletes after hearing the Saturday night plans, but a must for all! Silvermine will be explored and a possible reservoir rendezvous in order if the weather gods happen to be kind to us.

So where would a bunch of athletes possibly want to go ? Well, Elephant Eye it will be... across to the mast, over to the spectacular views of Hout Bay and back down to the car park. Why this route one may ask.... double the views!

Bring your A game, invite your neighbour and lets make this one of the biggest ever. PHV promises to be epic, with Muizenberg offering its best. If you have a board, bring it....nothing like a surf after a great hike. What healthy lifestyle?

Time: 8:45 it is. That is more than enough time to apply the neccessary makeup to hide the post-phuza face! (Both Mr. and Mrs Vibe)

WDIP: Go into Silvermine, follow the board until the last car park near the reservoir. Look for the cars with the EYB stickers. Get out and hug everyone hello. Please note that cellphone reception once past the main gate and in the car park is almost non-existent, so make all necessary calls/texts before driving through to the end. The HATT AWARD was born on a day when the godfather Andrew Hatt couldn't get hold of us due to the reception issues, and ran all the way from the Main Entrance and only stopped once he found us at the Elephants Eye Cave (see map)... unbelievable!!!!!

Empire cafe is the chosen destination with the ability to provide the much needed caffeine boosts and after-hike-munchie-annihilators. This cafe is on the shores of the big white fish bay, commonly known as Muizenberg.

What to bring: The weather is rather ambiguous for Sunday so check the sky before you head out but always best to come prepared! You know the drill by now....

See ya there!



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