Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pipe Dreams

The splendor of our city

Last week saw 7 keen Athletes take to the darkness and attack the ever faithful route of Lion's Head. A gentle pace up for the summit was set by some and then FAMM athletes took downhill extreme running to new levels, as trail shoes branded rock faces, steps, benches and trees, leaving Lion's Head in the dust! Yet another epic morning on the mountain and one that never fails to get one's heart beats and spirits rising!

This week FAMM will take us onto the slopes of Camps Bay where we will enjoy the beginning of the Pipe Track route and the cheeky Diagonal ascent! The weather looks to be a scorcher so views, sunshine and some good running time on the mountains are most certainly guaranteed!

What date: Friday, 23rd February 2007

What route:
We will start from Kloof Nek parking and jump onto the Pipe Track where we will jog along this gentle contour for about 20 minutes before making a cheeky ascent up DIAGONAL GORGE for about 10-15 minutes, or as long as our legs can take the beating! We will then enjoy some view time before heading back down and jogging it in back to the cars where tea and muffins await our arrival.

What time:
5:45am - darkness is slowly creeping in at this hour but it lightens up quickly so we should be able to get a few more weeks of FAMM in before winter takes hold!

Where do I Park:
Kloof Nek parking lot - up Kloof Nek rd, left into the Cable Car rd and its the first, immediate parking on your left.

Four legged Athletes:
Great route for dogs keen for some trail time!

With sunshine and clear skies predicted, the morning calls on all athletes to put on their trail shoes, set their alarms and get ready to Earn Their Weekend in style on our inspiring mountains!

See you out there ATHLETES!!

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Friday, February 16, 2007



Unfortunately this Sunday sees the EYB Hiking Vibe taking some time out from the mountains! Please keep an eye out for next week's FAMM and Hike details, and happy earning for those getting out there this Sunday!

Enjoy the weekend!


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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Rather late than never!!!!! FAMM is happening and will be great once again!
Good start to the weekend guaranteed. Nice circular route round the base of lions head.

WDIP: Lions head car park!
WHAT TIME: 5:45am

See ya there!!!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sandy Bay Festivities!!

Pre-Hike Vibe!!

Man and Pooch!

CLICK HERE to check out all the photos from SUNDAY!!!

Sunday saw 28 like-minded EYB athletes choosing to wake up and head down towards the Sandy Bay car park in Llududno. It was amazing to see some old faces returning to the vibe, and to see so many new debutants willing and keen to earn their breakfast!

After a brief FLA/pooch socializing session, we headed off towards the Oudeschip along the very gentle contour path. The FLA's (four legged athletes) were loving the vibe submerging themselves in every pool of water they could find!

After Al and Spence bravely volunteered to take on the duty of 'Tide Watchman/ FLA- watch', we crossed the raging seas to enjoy some VAVT at the point! A brief but challenging climb took us back up and onto the Jeep Track, and put us on level ground for an easy route back towards the cars.

A 'technical' section towards the end saw some amusing attempts to impress the crowds with face plants, bum slides... and brave 'bollamakiesies'! The PHV then took us to the ever popular La Med for some well earned lunch (breakfast really)!! Great Vibe all round!

Great to see so many of us out there on Sunday to take advantage of this amazing city in which we live. Big thumbs up to all the new debutants who joined the vibe!!

See everyone at FAMM this friday, or on the mountains this Sunday! Keep an eye on the site for all the details!


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Thursday, February 08, 2007


*Scroll down for tomorrow's FAMM and last week's Hike Post!

Who would deny this little fella a walk on the beach??


The next few days are likely to see the temperatures dropping a little, with a few rainy days forecasted for the weekend. It definately seems to be clearing though for a Sunday EYB morning that would like to welcome as many inspired individuals to the shores of Sandy Bay.

EYB returns to a favourite route that is tried and tested as one of the most relaxed on the calender. Despite a very short little climb at half way to get us up and onto the Jeep Track above Sandy Bay, this route is a magic little walk that would be lost without all your mates, their mates, old EYB faithfuls, pooches (FLA's), their mates... and anyone else who would like get up to join the vibe!

TIME: Sunday 11th, 8:45 ready to go by 9am.


WHAT TO BRING: Dogs (FLA's), Mates, Brothers, Sisters, Water, Munchies, Suncream, cameras, vibe, etc. etc.

WHERE DO I PARK: "Leaving the coastal Road between Hout Bay and Camps Bay, turn down the road to Llandudno. After 600m you will come to a sharp bend to the right. At this point continue straight along Fisherman's Bend Road. After negotiating six speed bumps, turn right into Sandy Bay Road. Then follow the sign posts to Sandy Bay all the way down Sunset Avenue almost to the bottom. On the last sharp bend there is a parking area. That's where the vibe will begin!" Mike Lundy - Easy walks in the Cape Penimsula

PHV: La Med has known to extend a PHV into the early evening hours...

Previous EYB Sandy Bay Vibe

a Jenna Jenna Jenna lovin the cool Sandy Bay Sea Breeze

For those old EYB'ers who have been waiting to get back into the Sunday Vibe, and for any new faces who would like to join the festivities... Sandy Bay is a perfect chilled morning out!!

See everyone on Sunday!!


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Karbonkelberg CREW - Pascale; Monita; Nikki; Abi; Michelle; Penny & Migs

Spectacular Views

Monita soaking up the views

"On Sunday morning, myself & eight lovely ladies (including Manna & Tana) merrily conquered the Karbonkelberg! Typically poor weather forecasting meant that the expected 29 degree temperatures did not quite materialize and we enjoyed a bit of cloud cover and a cool breeze to help us to the top of the mountain.

With such fine athletes present, we made it to the top in no time at all, despite the odd “numb foot” rest periods. In true EYB style, we took in not one, but two VAVT moments. The first with spectacular views down onto the “Bos 400” shipwreck and a bit of “seal spotting” and the second from Abi”s “timber deck” from which we had incredible views of Seal Island, Chappies, Noordhoek & even False Bay in the distance.

It was here, thanks to the cool breeze and Penny’s suggestion that the Llandudno PHV was changed to coffee (and lunch) at La Cucina. This was all the inspiration that was needed. In no time at all, we marched back down Karbonkelberg, ready for that well Earned Breakfast.

La Cucina PHV

Tana... what's that?

Typically, Tana & Manna were in fine form, doing twice the distance as any of the two legged athletes, but mention must be made of Aussie Michelle’s performance considering she’s only been in town for two weeks and done more hikes than most of the regular EYB cru. And to the five remaining lovely ladies, thanks for your EYB effort & the great company. All in all, it was a great hike. Sorry for those who were frolicking elsewhere – you missed out!!"



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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Combination Route

A morning of beauty awaits us yet again

After a FAMM epic last week where inspiration was pouring in from all angles, we head back to a previous FAMM mountain route this week - one that requires an uphill start to get the pulse beating from the word go! Don't let this deter you, its a cheeky but steady climb but the views, vibe and inspiration that awaits you upon summit, makes the climb beyond worth it! There is a great balance of off road and tar time on this route, so put those trail shoes by the door so come Friday morning they can leap onto your feet and lead you back onto our majestic mountains!

What date: Friday, 9th February 2007

What Route:
Ocean View Drive - Signal Hill - Base of Lions Head. We will start on Ocean View Drive and take a slow start up the side of Signal Hill on the middle traverse to the base Signal Hill/Lion's Head Saddle where we will drop down right along the base and depending on time constraints we'll either run around the base or drop back onto Ocean View Drive and jog it in along the rd back to the cars.

What time:
5:45am - light is still just creeping through, so don't let the darkness keep you from earning!

Where do I park:
Come along High Level Rd from town - Strand leads into High level Rd - drive quite far along through 2 sets of robots and then at the third set which is Glen Garriff Rd, take a left up the hill and then right into Ocean View Drive. Your second left is Upper Rhine which is a steep dead end rd - put your car into park and start warming up.

Dogs are welcome along this route, leashes recommended as some running will be done on the roads.

Post Hike Vibe: Vida Somerset Rd is calling for all athletes! It can't touch sides on a swim and hot tea on the Camps Bay beach, but they have been known to make the best latte in town!

See you out there ATHLETES!!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Route to Remember

Could FAMM get any better?

Start line with a view

Last week's FAMM involved a morning of true Cape beauty as 17 + 3 Athletes took to the beaches and foot printed the weekend off in style! I will let the pictures do the talking for this one as words just can't do the morning any justice! Let's just say...Where else in the world can one be at work by 8am after; an awe inspiring run with friends along the most beautiful beaches, followed by a refreshing swim with hot tea and muffins awaiting you as you climb out?? We wonder why live here....

I ask again, what lifestyle?

Our resident FA'S in their element!

The views and sunrise were pure inspiration

Clifton provides us with a route of shear pleasure

The Godfathers of EYB in stretch consultation

The front runners take control

Jog it in Ladies, Baywatch is calling

Tea and muffins after epic morning swim

What lifestyle, what sports model?

Thanks to all those who came out, great to see new faces every week! Yet another breathtaking morning of earning, where Athletes share in the wonder that is Mother Nature!

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Monday, February 05, 2007


Other than the copycat, super-sleek-lycra-triathlon-ski-pants the we had inadvertantly both bought the day before and the fact that our team consisted of one member nursing a 'lets drink as much as we can during the hottest day of the year whilst watching horses' hangover and the other having macheteed (an Africanism similar to a hot knife through butter but with more machoism involved) his way through a Triathlon the day before.... It was possibly one of the funnest races I have ever done.

The scene was set on a wine farm in Somerset West, the weather was guaranteed to be a scorcher and the course consisted of "Mountain Biking", "Trail running" and "swimming" which by the end i had figured out where synonyms for "Ride for a bit and carry your bike through a dam", "see if you can cover every square inch of your body in mud" and "Try and find a belter a white shirt whilst propelling a tube through the water." Epic fun!

But seriously... as there is an option to do one lap or two.... and the fact that you can go at whatever pace you want to, I recommend this for everyone. The next one is on the 18th Feb in Grabouw and looks like it will be a great day!

Check this site for details....

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Karbonkelberg Revisited

Vibe travels uphill

This week Abi & Migs are taking EYB back up into the heavens above Hout Bay to the summit of the 'Karbonkelberg' mountain for 360 degree views over Llandundo & Hout Bay. The gradient will be tough at times, but nothing to serious for EYB athletes!! Despite Abi & Migs having been M.I.A. since the end of last year, they're back and will be there to meet you for this weekend's hike!!

What date: Sunday, 4th February

What route:
Karbonkelberg/Hout Bay

What time:
Meet at 8:30am to be on the mountain by 8:45am. Should be between 2-3hrs long.

Where do I park:
Head towards Hout Bay harbour along Harbour Road. Go past Mariners Wharf, SA Fisheries Museum, and the NSRI, and take the first right towards Karbonkel Rd. Turn right into Bayview Rd, which is, second right off Karbonkel Rd. Follow Bayview all the way up to the end and find a park. Please check out the map below (see top left of the map at the end of Bayview Rd) to avoid any confusion.

Map showing "where do I park" details

What must I bring: LOTS OF WATER, camera, a warm top, some snacks, sweets... oh, and vibe!!!

Looks HOT - so don’t forget your SUNCREAM!!!!

Four Legged Athletes:
Despite getting a little lost along the way the last time EYB tackled this mountain, dogs are welcome!!

Post hike vibe:
A swim at Llandudno will be a must considering the weather forecast!

Contact Abi if you get lost - 084 556 8309.

See everyone on Sunday ready to EARN YOUR BREAKFAST!!!

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Post J&B Met - Rhodes mem - Block House - Newlands Forest

Pure vibe on the mountain

Saturday the 27th saw the running of the J&B Met. There were a number of Earn Your athletes who enjoyed the day of Black, White and Bling dress, summer sun, a few fillies and for some lucky punters small winnings, those that didn't put the mortgage on Badgers Gift that is.

Sunday morning saw more of that sun that Cape Town has been enjoying and the congregating of 8 Earn Your athletes at the Rhodes memorial car park. It was awesome to see 3 debutant's on the mountain including one overseas contingent, The Aussie Michelle.

The legs were quickly put into action with the steepish climb up to the block house were panoramic views were enjoyed.

Rock star on the turn style

Summitting the Trig beacon

Debutant's soaking up the views

Eric's enjoying a return to the Cape mountains

We then made our way along the contour path, through some much needed shade and into Newlands forest.

Riche and Suza had to cut their hike short as they had to be at a wedding reception lunch and descended through Newlands forest to the Helipad. They rest enjoyed the stroll back along the jeep track to Rhodes Mem lead by Caro and Jonty!

Jonty leading the way home

All in all a great hike, awesome to see the debutant's.

Info on this weekends hike to follow.

Earn Your Breakfast!!

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