Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The weather finally decided to play its part at SSGKD's folks' house in the Steenberg Golf Estate. Special thanks must go to Simon's folks who allowed this historic PHV event to decend apon their home!! Cheers to the Duffett's!!!!!!!!

PHV athletes settling in for some serious chill time... and serious braai time!! Ashley Larter took no time in stamping his authority on the braai duties, assisted by his sidekick braaimaster Beef!! Mention must go to Ashley's rippt blue pant and extreme tan that he claims he'll be working on in Clannies!!! Superb effort boet!!!

Ashley and Beef firing it up on the GAS BAAAARBY!! Kebabs, Larter-approved-mutton, Boerie, Porkies, Jimmy soaked onions, steak... this feast had it all!! It would be wrong of Ash not to take note of Milo 'Mr Clanwilliam' Brown's customized braai belt sure to make an appearance this weekend!!!

Ash and Sal sharing some serious VAVT together ...

A C, a C, a CFT... Jen Jen enjoying some J-time! Thanks must also go to CFT for putting in a huge shop for the PHV!!

Caro throwing some pose - loving the vibe!!!!

An amazing day was capped with an afternoon that saw one of the best PHV's to date! The weather turned out to be perfect and the venue even better! The HATT award this week had to go to every single athlete that was part of an unbelievable day! No shockers this week either... BALLOON AWARD carries over!!!




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20 + 4 + 1 Athletes Conquer the elements!!!


Tuffy Ponchos!!

The 'WRINKLY'S'!!!!

Ashley craving some sun!!!!

What rain??????

What mist?????

Fellow EYB Athletes,

Monday saw one of the most inspirational turnouts by a group of EYB athletes since the inception of the ‘earn your’ philosophy!!!! Despite the hike not being the longest or most strenuous one that we’ve ever done, the weather on Monday morning seemed to pose no threat to those amped enough to make their way down to the Silvermine Reserve.

Special mention must go to an athlete that from the start has shown unbelievable commitment towards an epic EYB vibe. Doorsy (Stephen Backhouse) and family were hoping to make an unexpected 'pre-arranged organized' entry into the Silvermine car park with an impressive ‘Chariots of Fire’ anthem blaring from the speakers… They indeed arrived, music blaring… Doorsy psyched, hands in the air…pity there was not a sole in sight!!!!!! The clips below though will highlight the Chariots of Fire comeback vibe…

A rainy blustery start to the hike seemed only to drive spirits even higher. Beef showed initial signs of a temporary logistical hiccup, over-estimating the Steenberg Ridge route and had to turn the troops back to ascend via the normal Jeep Track trail. After an initial downpour, the rain stayed away, but a heavy mist prevailed for most of the hike!!

In true EYB style, spirits were never once dampened by the weather, and it turned out to be such a great morning out! VT was at an absolute high due to the unfortunate lack of VA – the original route proposed for this hike will definitely be repeated on a day when the weather comes to the Paaaarty!!!

Special mention must go to all the debutants and wrinkly’s who added a special dimension to the vibe. From all accounts all wrinkly’s had a brilliant day on the mountain and hopefully will be joining us in the future!! Awesome effort by everyone!!

The PHV above speaks for itself… A proposed braai at the Silvermine Dam was moved due to the weather!!

HATT’s off to 20 + 4 + 1 athletes!!!!!!


Loving the Vibe - c'mooooooon!!!

The PROPER 'Leaping Salmon'!!

Chariots of Fire Anthem - Caro keen to get into the Wrinkly's Photo!


This Sunday saw the running of the Outsurance GUN RUN 21km Half Marathon and 10km Fun Run. My apologies go out to the following athletes who failed to get a mention in the pre-race build-up:

The Cowie Pie

The Salamanda
The Doors Factor
Sue 'Play Pause' Koller
Bron and Tiger

The weather turned out to be rather special as all the athletes at the start of both the 10km and the 21km created a festive pre-race vibe. Sally, Kyle, Doorsy, Bronwyn, Dave Moir the Destroyer, and ‘Play-Pause’ Sue Koller showed an awesome effort in successfully completing the 10km, while Beef, the Kaas, and Ten Four Moses all had good 21km races!! Kyle's boet Brad and his girlfriend Karen were also down from Pretoria and competed in the 10km fun run! Top effort guys!!!

Unfortunately the Debbie Dermanator could not compete due to an injury she sustained to her tonsils – Rumour has it that a quiet 3am drink and a hot dog on the way home is all you need to make a full recovery… Glad you feeling better Debs!!!

If anyone has recently spotted The Grumpy Kid (TGK), please let us know as he needs to urgently collect his BALLOON AWARD for his shocking behaviour and committment on the weekend!! TGK will no doubt want to rectify his poor form in the near future... rumour has it, this athlete's natural extreme abilities make him deadly on the comeback!!

The pumped, Dave ‘Ten Four’ Moseley extreme athlete smashed his PB time and goal of a sub 100-minute half marathon by 3 mintues and came in with a smokin’ 1h37min! His 6am texts of ‘cmoooooon’, and ‘earn you GUN RUN’ were inspirational to say the least and set him up for a great race!

Beef and the Kaas were running strongly together till about 9km when the Kaas understandably dropped his fellow athlete to come in with an unbelievable 1h27min. Beef realised that in Kaas’ current form... to talk, breathe, run, and maintain such a queeeeek pace would not be sustainable over 21km without sustaining multiple organ failure. Beef gathered some momentum in the closing stages to come in with a 1h34min time.

Special mention must go to the inspirational support given by two very special EYB Athletes, Simon 'Smash' Duffett and David 'Rooster Le Riche' Riches!! They have been die-hard supporters through many an event, and the support they gave on Sunday was truly world class!! Both the above-mentioned athletes have started to taper off on their training for Clanwilliam - check out all the VIBE that is about to unfold in the mighty Clanwilliam this weekend!!!!!

It's a kinda magic!!!

All in all, a great effort by all the EYB athletes involved!! Well done!!



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Thursday, September 21, 2006

MONDAY Hike, 25th Sep - Steenberg Ridge/Noordhoek Peak!!!!

The Proposed Route(s)
Top of Blackburn Ravine
Gooooooooo Neil!!!!!
CYOR - No limits!!!!


This weeks hike is on MONDAY due to the GUN RUN-Public Holiday festivities and rumour has it that we are also being joined by a few extreme 'experienced' campaigners. Last week saw a record number of Athletes on the mountain, with 41 and 5 enjoying unbelievable views, snacks, banter, bums, beaches, and just an epic vibe!!

This week promises spectacular views, not-so-hectic gradients, ageless wisdom from the 'experienced' campaigners, and a PHV that will invlove some minor pre-hike organization. This hike is definately FLA and Wrinkley-friendly!!!

Meet Time:
8:45am - Car Park at the Silvermine Reservoir. At the summit of Ou Kaapse Weg (when coming from the Tokai side), turn right and follow through to the Main Silvermine Entrance Gate where a small fee is payable to the TMNP. Once through the booms/gate, carry on straight up the road for about 2km right till the end where you'll find the car park. Estimated Hike Time (EHT) - about 3 and a half hours!!!!

To Bring:
The hike is fairly open so plenty of sunscreen, hat, plenty of water, warm top, vibe, chow, and all the other good stuff!!!

We will be braaing at one of the awesome braai spots down on the Reservoir after the hike. EYB will supply the wood and all the other braai accessories, but for those hanging around for the braai (hopefully everyone) please bring your own drinks, meat, salads, cups, glasses, paper plates, cutlery etc. etc.

Please note that cellphone reception once past the main gate and in the car park is almost non-existent, so make all necessary calls/texts before driving through to the end. The HATT AWARD was born on a day when the godfather Andrew Hatt couldn't get hold of us due to the reception issues, and ran all the way from the Main Entrance and only stopped once he found us at the Elephants Eye Cave (see map)... unbelievable!!!!!

This weeks route will take us from the car park north towards Steenberg Ridge where we'll get some awesome views over Tokai and the Southern Suburbs. We'll then head towards the Lookout Point at the top of Blackburn Ravine where we are likely to lay anchor for a while to enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Cape Town - VAVT!!!

For the next section of the walk, the Super-Smasher-Gadget-King-Duffet (SSGKD) has once again provided EYB with the kit needed to make the group split/breakaway as effective and as safe as possible! Full understanding of the extreme technology we are dealing with here will be revealed on monday!!

At this point everyone can decide for themselves to either take the Skyline Panorama Path ("spectacular views, nerve wracking for vertigo sufferers" Peter Slingsby) or the much easier jeep track route (very short back track) towards Noordhoek Peak, where we will likely have another stop for some more VAVT!!! There is no doubt that with SSGKD on board the two groups will once again re-unite safely at the Peak!!

From here on in, it's a fairly chilled walk, with a beautiful decent along the 'Crassula Edge' back towards the car park and a proper PHV!! The weather looks pretty good for Monday so lets hope the forecast holds and delivers a beauty!!

Ok Athletes, see everyone on MONDAY!!!



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Sunday 24th September - GUN RUN Athletes!!!

The Destroyer
Special Agent Princess Fiona - The Dermanator
The Kaasenova
Ten Four Moses
Anyone know this grumpy kid?? Gooooooooo...

This Sunday sees the running of the Outsurance Gun Run Half Marathon and 10 km run. A few EYB athletes are once again hitting the streets of Cape Town to hopefully earn one of their first PROPER breakfasts on the EYB calender.

Beef, The Grumpy Kid, The Kaas, and The Ten Four Moses
are setting out on the 21km, and the Dermanator and the Destroyer are tackling the 10km. I do appologise for any ommisions from the above list - please email us on earnyourbreakfast@gmail.com to include any further EYB athletes to the above group!!

The half marathon starts at 7am and the 10km at 7:30am. The finish is at Green Point Stadium so anyone keen to come and support our athletes should be there for about 8:10am to firstly catch the 10km runners and then the 21km runners from about 8:25am onwards! It's a great vibe down at the finish so hope to see some of you guys there!


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NB EYB NEWSFLASH for all serious ATHLETES!!!!!!!!!

FOCUS ATHLETES - Be Inspired!!!!!!


The time has come to buckle down and share some very important dates with the EYB community!! There has been some endless inspirational banter and ideas that seem to be pouring from the minds of our Athletes, and we have decided to harness these realities and formalize a few dates that need to be diarised ASAP!!!!

Create Your Own Reality and take note of the following dates:

1. OPENING EYB-DDNP-BDAY AWAY HIKE -Cederberg/Picketberg -
14/15th OCTOBER

More details will follow in the next few weeks, but we will aim to do an away hike on Sunday the 15th either in the Picketberg or the Cederberg mountains. We are going to drive up on the saturday and will more than likely be spending saturday night at the Excelsior farm in the Picketberg region.

Camp fires, fresh air, banter... rumour has it that our own extreme athlete and past HATT AWARD winner, Doorsy Backhouse, has already been spotted in the mountains in and around the Cape collecting wood for this event!! The event also has a special festive vibe attached to its profile with fellow EYB athletes Debbie Derman and Nikki Pickard celebrating their birthday's on the Friday and Sunday respectively!!!

2. EYB DINNER - 17th or 18th of NOVEMBER

Again, details will follow closer to the time (we are pushing for the 17th), but this is going to be a BIGGIE!!! Anybody considering themselves a serious EYB Athlete and who loves the VIBE will be scrambling for their diaries as we speak to get this date booked in. We are super amped to have an evening of great food, tremendous vibe, inspirational talk-offs, awards, guest speakers and so much more!!

The excitement around town is also building for the best weekend ever... ever!!!!

Check out the vibe at

So guys... get the dates in the diaries and lets start organizing some proper vibe!!!



*Any ideas on who the focussed athlete is pictured above????

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sandy Bay to Oude Schip - 41 and 5 - Tremendous


This Sunday's hike saw a EYB record turnout, with 41 athletes and 5 FLA's arriving at the Sandy Bay parking lot.

There was much excitement within the bunch as stories from Saturday's TMC and WPCC Hockey dinner the shenanigans at Oblivion were coming out.

Luckily we were treated to only one naked fellow on the beach who re-robed once he saw 41 clothed hikers heading his way. There was also the bum-shot of all bum-shots on the rocks as the rest of the group headed off along the beach.

The route stayed fairly close to the shore as it wound it's way towards the Oude Schip point. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a small pod of dolphins just behind the breakers.

Debutante's Kaasenova and Shane lead the pack from Shorty's cave to the Oude Schip point where some serious VAVT (View Appreciation Vibe Time) was enjoyed by all. Well, all except one. Beef stayed at the crossing to keep an eye on the in coming tide to prevent 41 and 5 getting stuck on the point for the day. Awesome logistical effort Beef, thanks boet.

The Captain's then took the decision to raise the level slightly and headed up from the point along a fairly steep path which joined up with the jeep track. The climb up certainly got the hearts pumping and added just that little bit extra to what would have otherwise been a very easy stroll.

At the end of the jeep track was a huge sand dune which most of the athletes decided to run down, one athlete on debut decided a dive at the bottom of the dune was in order and went flying into the bushes, great effort from Shane. So great in fact it earned him the BALLOON AWARD!!

The HATT AWARD was jointly presented to Dave "ten four, roger that, over over over" Moseley and Steffi "HGC". Huge effort from both athletes. Moses creating huge vibe and loving every minute of it. Steffi enjoying her last EYB hike as she heads back to home to spread the word and head up EYB/Germany!!

There were a few unofficial FLA awards. Manna (with an A) gets the best looking FLA, and Tana gets the Creating Your Own Reality award for finishing the last 40mins of the hike on her own and leaving Abi whistling and shouting in the sand dunes. a-Jenna Jenna Jenna gets the loyalty award for never being more than a meter away from Beef.

The PHV (post hike vibe) was enjoyed at Dunes restaurant in Hout Bay, FLA's were welcome, food was great, cream soda's and Windhoek draughts were free flowing. Someone even referred to Dunes as the EYB clubhouse as it was out 2nd PHV there is three weeks.

Great effort once again athletes.

This weekends hike will be on Monday morning as it is a public holiday and the Gun Run is on Sunday morning. Details to follow.

Earn Your Breakfast!

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Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge Report

Saturday the 16th saw 78 teams and 201 individual athletes line up for the start of the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge.

There was a huge buzz in the crowd as the athletes prepared for the epic challenge ahead.

After a minutes silence was observed for the late Lindsay Weight, the atmosphere boiled over and athletes were lead off by a whistle wielding Superman.

There was a fantastic EYB turnout on the mountain. Special thanks to Simon "Smasher" Duffett who came out from start to finish to support and photograph the event, also to Sarah "MMM" George who lead the Mountain Milers to not only an EYB victory but a category victory as the miler's placed first the Mixed 2 category (2 Girls + 1 Guy).

Nick Cotze stepped up to the plate at the last minute to fill in for Jason Elley who had to withdraw due to work commitments. Nick ran a solid third leg (2h56m45s) on the back of quick first and second legs by Caroline (0h55m32s)and Nikki (1h19m06s).

The Mountain Goats had a moment of worry as Mariam was no where to be seen with 20mins to the start, there were fears that she had slipped back into a gentle sleep following her 30th the night before. But those worries were soon cast aside as Mariam pulled through with flying colours and completed the grueling first leg in 1h05m57s followed by Riche (1h22m56s) and Quayles Ales (3h05m47s). Huge effort from Quayles Ales as he caught up to extreme athlete Beef who was experiencing some major cramping issues and the pair ran in it together.

Beef was looking stronger than ever with a 55min first leg and a 1h09m second, before the cramp got into his legs on top of Llandudno corner, he fought through the epic third leg in 3h30m to come home 34th rambo male and 46th overall.

David "ten four" Moseley ran the first two legs in fine style, 55m08s and 1h19m32s respectively, finishing second amongst the rambo males who ran the first two legs.

Miranda Symons also had a fantastic run, with her partner in crime Keryn Foster. The pair ran in 5th and 6th positions in the rambo ladies and 65th and 66th overall.

An AWESOME day out was had by all! Truly inspiring to see so many athletes out on the mountain for what I was told is now the biggest adventure race in the country. A special event to be a part of.

Lastly big thanks to Kyle, Sal, Matt, Kaas and Amber for turning out in support of the athletes.

Well done guys.


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All the pics are on the shutterfly link!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sunday 17 September - Sandy Bay to Oudeschip


Sorry for the late post about this weekends hike, but it is still a go, I repeat, it is still a go! Over!

Due to the huuuuuuge activities on Sat with the Table Mountain Challenge this weekends hike is going to be a fairly chilled one, with very little, if any, gradient.

However I am informed that it is truly beautiful hike.

Where: Sandy Bay to Oude Schip.

When: 9am Sunday morning

FLA's (Four Legged Athlete's): Welcome.

Weather: It's meant to be sunny and clear, fingers crossed.

Clothes: Optional for a stretch across the back of Sandy Bay.

Bring: Warm top, water, sweets, suncream (becoming increasingly more important as summer draws near), tea, coffee etc!

Time: 2-2.5 hours, depending on VAVT (View Appreciation Vibe Time)

Directions: "Leaving the coastal Road between Hout Bay and Camps Bay, turn down the road to Llandudno. After 600m you will come to a sharp bend to the right. At this point continue straight along Fisherman's Bend Road. After negotiating six speed bumps, turn right into Sandy Bay Road. Then follow the sign posts to Sandy Bay all the way down Sunset Avenue almost to the bottom. On the last sharp bend there is a parking area. That's where the vibe will begin!" Mike Lundy - Easy walks in the Cape Penimsula

Awesome. Amped for the weekends activities. Hope to see some of you along the way tomorrow.

Update on the hike, the very last little section of the hike is only possible at low tide. Low tide on Sunday is at 6:37am and high tide at 12:54pm. I would estimate that we will be there at about 10:00-10:15, so we will have to make a call when we get there, keeping in mind that the tide will be rising. Either way, we still get most of the way out there.

Thanks to Erica for the heads up!


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Table Mountain Challenge - Sat 16th

Riche - Mountain Goat

Mariam - Mountain Goat

By the powers of greyskull - He-Man - mountain Goat

Super M - Extreme athlete

Moses - (extreme athlete) and Beef (extreme athlete)

Nikki - mountain milers, Beef, Sarah (MMM), Caroline - mountain milers and Cam
Inspirational Elley - Mountain Miler


This Saturday sees the 2nd running of the Table Mountain Challenge. A 35km off road trail run brought to us by the Crazy Store and Adventure Works.

Athletes can compete either individually or in teams of three. There are a number of athletes from the EYB community that have been putting time in on the mountain in preparation for the event.

Team Mountain Goats, comprising of Mariam "MG" Haroun, Dave "Riche" Riches and Neil "He-Man" Quayle, will be taking on Team Mountain Milers, Caroline "CBFZ" Butler, Nikki "Nix Pix" Pickard and Jason "No Cojones" Elley. I must make mention of the fact that Sarah George had pull out at the last minute due to injury, but she has stepped into the position Mmountain Milers Manager (MMM).

There has been some inspirational banter on the email leading up to the race.

Elley had the following to say about the challenge:

"I like running because it's a challenge. If you run hard, there's the pain - and you've got to work your way through the pain. You know, lately it seems all you hear is? Don't overdo it' and? Don't push yourself.' Well, I think that's a lot of bull. If you push the human body, it will respond."

David "Ten Four" Moseley is doing an article for Mens Health magazine on the race and will be running the first and second legs.

EYB team captain Bern "Beef" Jordaan and Miranda "M" Symons are raising their games and pushing through the whole 35km event. Awesome effort guys.

The 8.6km first leg starts at the Kloof Neck car park at 7:00 for 7:30am and heads up the jeep track winding it's way up and up to the Blockhouse above Rhodes Memorial.

The road below the blockhouse will be the first seconding station and change over point.

The 10km second leg then makes it's way along the contour path above Newlands Forest, Kirstenbosch Gardens and Celelia Forest to the Constantia Neck car park where the second seconding station and hand over will occur.

The epic 17km third leg then takes the athletes through Orangekloof, up over Llandudno Corner and along the apostles, before dropping down Kasteelsport and widing up the jeep track to finish at the Kloof neck car park.

Should fellow EYB athletes wish to come out in support, the best places would be the handover areas, on the road below the blockhouse between about 8:15-8:45, at the Constantia Neck Car park between 9:20-10:15, and at the finish between 12:30 and 14:30.

These times are estimated from last years results and may vary depending on the elements and unknown factors on the mountain.

Finally another Elley quote:

"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or gazelle - when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."

Good luck athletes!

Earn your breakfast!!!!

ps Sunday's hike details to follow.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cape Town Marathon WINNER!!!!

Balance and Determination
Off Road Cape Flats
No Sweat!!
Power Vibe in the BUS!!!!

Sunday saw Andre line up for the start of the Cape Town Marathon. It was clear that he adopted the ‘run like hell’ philosophy, as he crashed through the tape in an inspiring time of 3 hours and 28 minutes!!! For your debut marathon… this is an amazing feat of guts and determination!! Awesome!!

A few privileged EYB supporters caught a glimpse of this extreme effort by the Kaas on Sunday, and could not hold in their excitement! Andre was spotted a couple of times along the route, running hard in a BUS “c’mon the BUS” of athletes also including a BOSCH old boy, Andrew Hall, who was apparently using Sunday’s marathon as a training run for his ‘Earn your IRONMAN’ aspirations!! Unbelievable effort guys!!!

Almost anyone who puts their mind to it can experience the exhilaration of completing a marathon. Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea, but rumours are circulating that there is a big chance that a group of athletes want to make their marathon debut at next years NEW YORK MARATHON!! The 5th of NOVEMBER 2007… just imagine the vibe in the build up and preparations to a group of dare I say 15 EYB athletes jetting off to the BIG APPLE!!!

‘Earn your NEW YORK CITY MARATHON 2007’ – create your own reality!!!!

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish”

Andre, from all the EYB supporters… you have accomplished one the great athletic milestones of any runner’s career, and hopefully completing your first marathon will go down in the memory banks as one of the best!! Well-done boet!!!





Monday, September 11, 2006

EYB Lion's Head Reality!!!

Spectacular Views!!
Serious Business!!
Going UP!!!!
Sue and Debbie loving their move back to Cape Town!!

It's all about logistics!!!!

Athletes producing the goods!!!

Chris 'Stoffel' Thurman rating his abilities!!!
Monique taking the 'summit' to a new level!!!!!
The Sossmeister can see her future!!!
Cape Town Splendour!!!


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