Tuesday, September 26, 2006

20 + 4 + 1 Athletes Conquer the elements!!!


Tuffy Ponchos!!

The 'WRINKLY'S'!!!!

Ashley craving some sun!!!!

What rain??????

What mist?????

Fellow EYB Athletes,

Monday saw one of the most inspirational turnouts by a group of EYB athletes since the inception of the ‘earn your’ philosophy!!!! Despite the hike not being the longest or most strenuous one that we’ve ever done, the weather on Monday morning seemed to pose no threat to those amped enough to make their way down to the Silvermine Reserve.

Special mention must go to an athlete that from the start has shown unbelievable commitment towards an epic EYB vibe. Doorsy (Stephen Backhouse) and family were hoping to make an unexpected 'pre-arranged organized' entry into the Silvermine car park with an impressive ‘Chariots of Fire’ anthem blaring from the speakers… They indeed arrived, music blaring… Doorsy psyched, hands in the air…pity there was not a sole in sight!!!!!! The clips below though will highlight the Chariots of Fire comeback vibe…

A rainy blustery start to the hike seemed only to drive spirits even higher. Beef showed initial signs of a temporary logistical hiccup, over-estimating the Steenberg Ridge route and had to turn the troops back to ascend via the normal Jeep Track trail. After an initial downpour, the rain stayed away, but a heavy mist prevailed for most of the hike!!

In true EYB style, spirits were never once dampened by the weather, and it turned out to be such a great morning out! VT was at an absolute high due to the unfortunate lack of VA – the original route proposed for this hike will definitely be repeated on a day when the weather comes to the Paaaarty!!!

Special mention must go to all the debutants and wrinkly’s who added a special dimension to the vibe. From all accounts all wrinkly’s had a brilliant day on the mountain and hopefully will be joining us in the future!! Awesome effort by everyone!!

The PHV above speaks for itself… A proposed braai at the Silvermine Dam was moved due to the weather!!

HATT’s off to 20 + 4 + 1 athletes!!!!!!


Loving the Vibe - c'mooooooon!!!

The PROPER 'Leaping Salmon'!!

Chariots of Fire Anthem - Caro keen to get into the Wrinkly's Photo!

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