Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sandy Bay to Oude Schip - 41 and 5 - Tremendous


This Sunday's hike saw a EYB record turnout, with 41 athletes and 5 FLA's arriving at the Sandy Bay parking lot.

There was much excitement within the bunch as stories from Saturday's TMC and WPCC Hockey dinner the shenanigans at Oblivion were coming out.

Luckily we were treated to only one naked fellow on the beach who re-robed once he saw 41 clothed hikers heading his way. There was also the bum-shot of all bum-shots on the rocks as the rest of the group headed off along the beach.

The route stayed fairly close to the shore as it wound it's way towards the Oude Schip point. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a small pod of dolphins just behind the breakers.

Debutante's Kaasenova and Shane lead the pack from Shorty's cave to the Oude Schip point where some serious VAVT (View Appreciation Vibe Time) was enjoyed by all. Well, all except one. Beef stayed at the crossing to keep an eye on the in coming tide to prevent 41 and 5 getting stuck on the point for the day. Awesome logistical effort Beef, thanks boet.

The Captain's then took the decision to raise the level slightly and headed up from the point along a fairly steep path which joined up with the jeep track. The climb up certainly got the hearts pumping and added just that little bit extra to what would have otherwise been a very easy stroll.

At the end of the jeep track was a huge sand dune which most of the athletes decided to run down, one athlete on debut decided a dive at the bottom of the dune was in order and went flying into the bushes, great effort from Shane. So great in fact it earned him the BALLOON AWARD!!

The HATT AWARD was jointly presented to Dave "ten four, roger that, over over over" Moseley and Steffi "HGC". Huge effort from both athletes. Moses creating huge vibe and loving every minute of it. Steffi enjoying her last EYB hike as she heads back to home to spread the word and head up EYB/Germany!!

There were a few unofficial FLA awards. Manna (with an A) gets the best looking FLA, and Tana gets the Creating Your Own Reality award for finishing the last 40mins of the hike on her own and leaving Abi whistling and shouting in the sand dunes. a-Jenna Jenna Jenna gets the loyalty award for never being more than a meter away from Beef.

The PHV (post hike vibe) was enjoyed at Dunes restaurant in Hout Bay, FLA's were welcome, food was great, cream soda's and Windhoek draughts were free flowing. Someone even referred to Dunes as the EYB clubhouse as it was out 2nd PHV there is three weeks.

Great effort once again athletes.

This weekends hike will be on Monday morning as it is a public holiday and the Gun Run is on Sunday morning. Details to follow.

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Jessica Alba said...

Richie pie... that bum shot is sensational - reminds me of that time we spent together high up in the Andes!!
keep the vibe going!
Love you lots!

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