Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Piketberg - Excelsior - Ridicularity - Vibe


The weekend of the 14th and 15th of October 2006 saw the Earn Your athletes heading just over an hour outside of Cape Town to the picturesque Piketberg for EYB's first away hike. 24 athletes were hosted Patrick and Karin Carter on the Excelsior Farm. The farm was a true find, we were allowed to set up a number of tents just behind the two fully equiped cottages which lie adjacent to the main house and the pool area.

The setting was stunning and the hospitality was warm and welcoming. It is definitely not the last time EYB will be visiting the farm and for those who didn't make it, we suggest you get up there soon. Karin and Patrick can be contacted by phone or fax on 022 914 5853 or by email on excels@telkomsa.net. Thanks again for the hospitality and we'll see you again soon.

Saturday morning and afternoon saw the athletes arriving from Cape Town, setting up camp and easing into the pool area for some serious vibe time. Athletes were seen sunning themselves in between games of backgammon, pool cricket, boule, beach bats and how to be a seal by Caro.

Vibe time at the pool

Smash lining up a pull (shot)!

Al and Erica enjoying some VT (Vibe Time)

Migs with the bat

Al and Dallas soaking up some vibe time

Craig having a bat as Al mans the stumps

Pool boulle

Abi, Migs, Sweedish, Suza and the birthday girl Dallas went to suit up into their Ridicularity outfits at around 3pm as they were heading out for a horse ride with Patrick.

The horse riders, Swede, Suza, Abi, Migs and Dallas

By 7pm the braai was going and the outfits were being busted out, it was incredible to see the effort that went in to the costumes. Gary Fahy played out of his boots with the sponge bob square pants matress effort.

Kate the Aussie Zebra

Nick took charge of the braai and cooked up and absolute storm so that everyone, except a tired little tin of baked beans, could enjoy a huge meal. Following dinner there was a little awards ceremony sponsored by SSGKDuffett in the form of a bottle of jagie, everyone was called up for their jagie award for exceptional effort in the fancy dress department.

Best lingirie model

Migs, Jonty and Al getting things going

Nick and Sally loving the vibe

Sal, Swede, Kiwi and Baaaad Shazzie dancing on the bench

Dave, Moyra and Rich

Sponge Bob and Dave

The party kicked off and an awesome vibe was enjoyed by all. Everyone was swapping costumes, singing happy birthday to Dallas and loving the vibe.

Nick after his ssshhpaaaandex award

Rich and the dog throwing some blue steel vibe

A chocolate cake for the ladies - thanks to Nick and Rich

Rowan and Aussie

Miranda aka Brocky the Matress

What extreme heat??

What costume?

Suza and the Aussie

What breasts??

Happy birthday to youuuuu!!

Dallas and Al

The piketberg shark has got me!!!
Abi receiving an award
The animals enjoying a jagie
Jonty trying sponge bob on for size

It's Saturday night in the Piketberg!!

Sunday saw the troops gather slowly in the main cottage while some proper breakfast was cooked on the skottel.

Craig firing up some jaffels

Golf boys

Golf boys confused

It's Sunday morning in the Piketberg

Miranda and Abi catching some morning rays

Jonty contemplating EYB

The skottel in full cry

Everyone grabbed a little piece of ridicularity and the troops headed off on a stunning hike through the neighbouring farms, meandering through orchards, stopping at dams for some SVT (swim vibe time), climbing a little summit, bundu bashing through the fynbos, enjoying the bushman paintings and finally returning to the house for some serious pool time, a beer and awesome lunch with just about everything you can put on a roll provided by Erica and Caro, thanks girls.

Earn Your athletes preparing for the hike

Where is EYB going - up and up!! C'mooon!

The route for the 4 hour epic - Sorry Nats

Aussie joins Richard and Nick on the horses

The athletes at the summit

Abi showing the bushman painting

Crazy Dallas

Where must i park? Which way are we hiking?

The sun cream train
Where are the other athletes?
Which way to the summit??
The awesome dam we stopped at for some STVT (swim time vibe time)
I wonder what Beef is doing??

It was the first of many EYB away hikes and it was an absolute roaring sucess, all 24 Earn Your athletes/Derman birthday celbrators had a a fanctastic time.

Hatt award was only giong to one person, that was Debbie "Dallas" Derman for huge effort and vibe on her birthday weekend.

Balloon award went to Beef and CFT for missing out on the weekend.

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