Monday, October 16, 2006

Lions Head Sunrise - 13th Oct!!

Good Morning Cape Town

Cam in training for the mighty MOUNT KILIMANJARO!!

Epic Clifton colour

Awesome light and colour

Sunrise Lions Head - PROOF!!!

Doorsy keeping his eyes on New York - Abi and Kristi on the vibe!

SSGKD lovin it!

EYB dominating the parking lot!!

Too nice!

" that chain man!!" - Smash

The Troops and FLA's

Caro and Beef chillin at the PHV!

PHV - Vida e Caffe


Although somewhat delayed, a small word regarding an inspirational Friday morning last week is an absolute must. It started as a small request to anyone who may be keen to do a cheeky little Lions Head sunrise summit... not long though and it turned into an unbelievable snowball of committed athletes arriving at 5:45am at the base of Lions Head.

Queen of the morning mountains Caro the weather guru Fisher played out of her boots by organizing an unbelievable sunrise hike/run for the troops. Awesome initiative to get some of our lazy asses out on the mountain!! Lets face it, taking that first step out of bed is the hardest part, but once out there on a day such as this... all concerns are forgotton! The VAVT was brief but filled with sensational vibe and energy!

All athletes and Abi's experienced EYB FLA's ran most of the way down which made the whole morning out so worth it... finally Earn Your Breakfast actually made some sense!!! The PHV took us into town to the vibey Vida e Caffe which saw some serious consumption of various caffeine based beverages...

A recent study conducted by various EYB scientists have revealed that beer and caffeine in fact have no major long term effects if consumed on the back of any 'Earn Your' session - EYB therapy has been recommended as the intervention of choice for any grumpy kid issues that may arise from time to time... by the way, anyone spotted TGK lately????

Caro...This friday????




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Anonymous said...

There is talk of Moss's Waterfall this can lead the way as I'm another CFT so not sure of the route but am dead keen for another sneaky Friday am vibe!

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