Tuesday, October 24, 2006

FAMM takes a trip down memory lane

La Riche pondering EYB World Domination

FAMM Athletes,

After attempting a Southern Suburbs summit last Friday, this week's FAMM is going back to the EYB roots, as we head back to the first EVER hike that EYB conquered - the point of creation of EYB world domination, The Woodstock Cave. After last week's fiasco of wondering FLA'S and girlfriends, a known, more reliable EYB route has been chosen. It is said to be a fantastic route with caves, views and a sunrise to remember. The weather man is promising a SPECIAL CT day with sunshine, clear skies and vibe vibe vibe all the way! I can assure you that we will see a cave with a pot of gold and that perhaps even a relocated Cecelia Forest waterfall. We will head out from Tafelberg Rd, maybe even begin with a slight jog for those who are wanting to get the heart rate going. La Riche ,the legend himself, will play chief navigator for this one as I learn the routes of this beautiful city! There will have to be a fair amount of increased heart rate activity for this one if we are to make the cave and be back down in time to start our day's brain activity behind computers. (For those who actually work!) Beef, I promise to work up some kind of sweat vibe, keeping in mind that real athletes don't actually show moisture!

Our Pot of Gold awaiting the FAMM Athletes

Time: 5:45 sharp, Smasher that mean no FA for you the night before as this route requires an early start! Or you can always bring your FA along to meet and greet the famous EYB Athletes...just as long as you attach some sort of homing device to her!

WDIP: Drive along Tafelberg road past the cable station until you can't drive any further because of the road closure. Park on the left. Chariots is a must on all car audio devices.

What must I bring: Locator beacons and tracking devices for all girlfriends and FLA'S. Cell phones will do for those who can't compete with the Gadget King himself. Esop's fable reminds us all to carry ones own phones in case of Forest Cellphone Action Vibe (FCAPV) or bring a Sherpa with you which I always recommend.

Route: We will attempt a sneaky run for the first few km's along Tafelberg road, am assured it is nice and flat at the beginning, as we all try to wake up and rub the sleep from our eyes. Just before a stone gate pillar we will swing a hard right and hike up about 20 mins to the cave. Conversation at this point is a must, surely we can multi task by now!? Expedient VAVT inside the 50 m wide and 20 deep cave is a must along with surveying the awesome sight of our city. Those who don't work may want to bring a tent and set up camp for the weekend. Sunsets are just as highly recommended. Then a quick descent, making sure we have all athletes and FLA'S in tow, as we hopefully "jog it in" back to the cars where coffee and muffins await the special group of FAMM athletes.
If time is looking tight, we may have to skip the full cave summit, either way it'll be a GREAT morning out and a SUPERB way to EARN YOUR WEEKEND!

FLA Friendly: King of the Mountains FLA, who saw a memorable introduction to EYB last week is under review with the panel concerning his future. He will be notified via the FLA network once a decision has been made. Cakes and champagne are always encouraged.

With traffic constraints being minimal we can definitely sneak in a well earned vibe at Vida Cafe on Kloof street. Remember to pack your Blue Steel look as model scouts are always on the lookout at this time of day. Alan your famous pout is most necessary.

See you there Athletes and look forward to another mountain summit! Hopefully see some new recruits keen for some extra EYB vibe time!

Beef and co throw a Mexican Wave at the City

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Al said...

Spence (aka. king of the mountain) doesn't want to come if you can't guarantee rats.... neither does kerry... ha ha ha... Epic!

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