Thursday, October 05, 2006


An email has been sent out to all EYB athletes that we have an email address for. We are trying to update our database and feel that we may not have everyone's details. If you are reading this message and have not received and EYB email then please let us know by sending a blank message to!!!!


Nikki Pix and The Dallas - EYB Birthday Athletes!!!!


Next weekend sees the first EYB away hike!! The vibe will also incorporate two EYB athletes' birthdays - Nikki Pix and Dallas the Dermanator!! It promises to be an unbelievable weekend away with plenty on offer in the beautiful Picketberg Wilderness area. All the extra details regarding the weekend can be found on!!!!

Those already committed will be heading up on Saturday morning to make the most of the day and will be aiming to get there no later than 12 noon. We are going to be spending the night camping at the Excelsior Farm in the Picketberg and rumour has it that we have it all to ourselves!!

EYB headquarters will be doing all the shopping for the Saturday night braai and the Rooster Le Riche Brekkie on the Sunday morning, so costs will be split between the group once numbers have been confirmed! Please make sure that you guys bring your own food and drinks for both the Saturday and the Sunday lunches, and your own drinks for the Saturday night birthday vibe !!!

To Bring: Cash (for accomodation costs/ EYB food shop), tent, sleeping bag/ general camping kit, chair, drinks for Sat night, lunch for Sat/Sun and any munchies for the hike), swimming pant and bikini, vibe, etc, etc!!!!

NB - Re: Saturday Night Birthday Vibe:

Mild Ridicularity!!!!

Despite a failed attempt during the inception of EYB to turn it into a fancy dress hiking vibe, this weekend requires some inspirational efforts from all EYB athletes to abide by the theme which has been set out for the weekend:

Create Your Own Ridicularity!!!!!

It's essential to go to extreme levels of over-the top committment for this one. An outfit of inspirational 'ridicularity' must be created for the Saturday night camping/birthday/campfire vibe and your outfit must be able to be hike-friendly for the Sunday Epic in the PicketBerg mountains. NO outfit = NO Go!!!

Athletes, please check out all the other details and pics on the link above! It's important to let us know ( whether you're a definite GO for the weekend, and whether you would like to do any horse riding (please also indicate your previous experience) on the Saturday arvo!! We need to make a few logistical/WDIP arrangements due to numbers so please indicate by NO LATER THAN TUES EVE if you're in!!!!

Awesome!! Check out this Sunday's Hike Vibe below!!!!!!

Earn Your Breakfast!!!


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