Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Echo-Spes Bona Valley Hike!!!!!

The Kaas powering up Echo Valley!!


This Sunday many an athlete woke up to pretty poor, rainy, windy weather, and the thought of a 4-5 hour hike understandably would have been a horrible one. For the 5 athletes who did in fact get up to face the elements, the experience was an absolute beauty!! The weather also managed to hold for most of the hike and proved to not be too much of a concern at the end of the day!!

Echo and Spes Bona Valley are amazing indigenous forests, that run through the gorges in the Kalk Bay mountains. They have been well preserved and remain in pristine condition with many constructed boardwalks, and are well worth it for those who haven't been through this area before.

Top of Echo Valley!!

Cam, Andre, Cynthia, Maureen (Cynthia's mom), and Beef set out with a great vibe up through Echo Valley just after 8:30am. The pace proved to be pretty fresh for most of the hike which was good turning the EHT of 5 hours into just over 4! Our half-way stop at the Silvermine waterfall produced some quality VAVT with clear views accross towards Noordhoek beach.

Cam, Kaas, and Cynthia loving the elements!!!

Kaas in the Green Room!!!!

A brief climb down to the base of the waterfall is well worth the effort despite the need to avoid the falling spray - umbrella's were on hand though so all was good!!! We spent a good 20 minutes soaking up some VAVT before heading back towards Spes Bona Valley via Speciosa Valley.


Aaah... the serenity of the place!!!

Cynthia and Maureen staying dry in the waterfall!!

Lotta life, lotta vibe, lotta colour!!!

All in all, Sunday was an amazing day out for all 5 athletes that made the effort to brave the elements. The elements proved to be not much more than a 10 minute reminder that mother nature is still in control of things... nothing a solid raincoat cant sort out!!!!

The PHV was pretty special too with some pics of the vibe below. Two inspiring athletes CFT Jen Jen Mullins and SSGKD could not make the hike on Sunday but instead felt the comfort and warmth of the PHV at Polana instead!!!

Awesome effort guys!!!


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