Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sunday Hike - 22nd Oct - Tranquility Cracks!!!

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MAP the Extract from Table Mountain - the map by Peter Slingsby, ©2007 and reproduced with permission: see


Over the past few weeks, EYB has seen some extreme vibe and committment by all its athletes! It started with the best weekend away of the year ever in Clanwilliam, which saw some inspirational triathlon action on display. For those who still haven't had a look-in at the vibe from the Clannies weekend check out all the festivities at
Only 345 more sleeps till next year!!!

The following weekend saw only 5 athletes brave the elements (what elements?) on the EYB Epic in the Kalk Bay Mountains and last weekend saw the away Hike in the Picketberg. From all accounts this was a phenomenal away hike weekend and the full vibe will be up on the site by the end of the week - Apparently with so much vibe... there is just so much to write!!

This weekend sees a hike that brings us back into the mother city and with the weather forecast looking peachy and clear at 28 degrees, it promises to be a ripper! It would be great to see as many athletes back on the local mountains doing some proper earning!!

This week we'll set out along the pipe track and make our way up through Corridor Ravine. The good news is that after a fairly cheeky little climb up through Corridor we get to a magnificent VAVT spot called the Tranquility Cracks. We'll take some proper time to explore the vibe and chill out on what has been claimed to be one of the most inspirational spots on the entire mountain!!

We'll then assess the P(VAVT)V, and make a call on weather we decend back to the cars via Woody Ravine (slightly more challenging), or Kasteelspoort (more FLA friendly)! This hike will definately push the heart rate up a little but nothing out of the reaches for all EYB athletes! Some stretching at the end will hopefully avoid any 'sooooore' legs on monday morning... it's a good kinda sore anyway! Their may be some awesome photo opportunities for the Altitude Junkies (AJ's) at the Cracks, but we'll assess the vibe when we're up there!!

Meet Time: 9am Sharp ready to EARN!!

EHT (estimated hike time): depending on VAVT, probably around 4 hours.

WDIP: Check out the Map - Heading over Kloof Nek from town along Camps Bay Drive - left into Fiskaal, which becomes Francolin, which snakes up and becomes Theresa. The parking area will be on the left. Coming from Hout Bay side - Camps Bay Drive - right into Rontree - which snakes and becomes Theresa - parking on the right at the gate.

FLA Friendly: I have been told that FLA's could come along on this one, although there may be a need for the odd helping hand. TMNP do not recommend that dogs decend via Woody. The Woody decent is a little steeper so FLA's and owners could always go down Kasteelspoort if needs be. a Jenna Jenna Jenna will not be coming along, but most other FLA's should be alright.

To bring: WATER WATER WATER - it's getting hotter now so rather have too much than too little. Some serious VAVT goodies to munch on for our Tranquility stop! Something warm for potential unpredictable weather changes or chilly winds. Always bring your VIBE...

PHV: La Med is always a good chilled spot for the festivities - why not bring some swimming gear for a potential P(PHV)CBBV - Post-PHV-Clifton-Beach-Bats-Vibe!!!


C'moooooon athletes - see everyone on Sunday!!



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