Friday, October 20, 2006

Elusive Waterfall Hike Sees the King of the Mountain FLA and his Sidekick Competitor Go Amiss...

Read all about it in today’s EYB Times……

This week’s FAMM saw 10 + 1 keen Athletes take to the mountains for their Earn Your Weekend Vibe, ready to attack Moss's Waterfall in Cecilia Forest. All except one kept to the time, he needs no mention at this stage…he was minus his gadgets but certainly packed his A game after a night of well earned Female Attention (FA). Enough said, a small double back to the car park by the legend himself, La Riche, saw our very own Smasher join the FAMM athletes as we set out for what was to become the Elusive Hunt for the pot of gold under the Waterfall. CFT, let down by her tracker late in the night, led the way by touch, feel and smell – her senses in overload. A steep climb and a sudden silence by all as the legs were put into action….all on the continuous lookout for what was promised to be a spectacular Waterfall showered by moss, Timotei ladies and Archers Aqua Men. After many a chirp coming from the rear, one caught a small glimpse of Grumpy Jen (GJ) which was immediately put to bed before all was revealed and hikers were seen hiding behind the fynbos.

Summit made and still no Waterfall in sight the Athletes took a moment to survey our beautiful city blanketed under mist, and have a well-earned drink of water from the camel pack. Keeping in mind the Teeth And Suck Technique! (TAST). Yes, we are aware of the no teeth rule…
Awesome views and what a day!

Soza showing us the technique

Due to Post Hike Traffic Work Vibe (PHTWV), athletes lifted their game and made a quick descent watching out in case the Waterfall came back from its summer holiday. A small regroup suddenly saw our very own King of the mountains FLA take off in what was said to be Whippet speed. Camel man tried his best to avert a search rescue but alas the hound had one thing on his mind. Getting closer to 7am, athletes continued the descent leaving behind the Pied Piper and his whistle.

After yet another regroup, much confusion and some frantic Forest Cell Phone Action Vibe (FCPAV), we continued down to the carpark, all secure in the knowledge that the King of the mountains FLA had been rescued. Unbeknown to us our new recruit FAMM member had slipped off from right under our noses. A double back hill sprint by two of our finest Athletes saw some frenzied forest calls (FFC) as a new search and rescue team were put into action. Our very own sharing and caring athletes were already by this point digging into their well-earned muffins and TIF, giving much airtime to how, why and when the new FAMM member had gone amiss. Many a scenario was thrown around and continued so, as emails went flying throughout the day.

King of the Mountains, FLA ...AKA Spence

Escorted back safe and sound to the car park, AKA Kerry looked flushed and confused as offers for Survivor EYB were thrown at her from all angles and TV networks. Welcome to FAMM Kerry, next time I’ll be sure to not invite the Spence Master!

Great morning, GREAT Waterfall, Great vibe and Great Athletes. Smasher managed to pull it together for the whole hour regardless of being gadget free. He has however requested the use of locator beacons and tracking devices for all upcoming EYB events!

A sneaky PHV was had (by those who don’t have Post Hike Traffic Work Vibe (PHTWV), ) at Melissa’s amongst the working community of Newlands village.

Thanks for coming out on the mountains and can’t wait to see you up there again next week. A special mention to CFT for her tremendous effort with the navigating, a map well used and a Waterfall I’ll never forget!
EARN YOUR WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VAVT at its best


PHV at Melissas, the non workers at play


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