Thursday, August 31, 2006

EYB Athletes Hit the Road this SUNDAY!!!!!!

The 'Aviator'

This Sunday will see some serious EYB athletes take to the roads of Cape Town in the SPAR Women's 10 km Challenge. We would like to wish you guys good luck for a great race, and salute the efforts of those debut 10km runners. Its an awesome feeling to be part of such a great vibe so enjoy every minute... and I reckon a big group photo is a must at the finish line!!!

C'moooooooon!!! Good Luck!!!


Hike - Sunday 3 September

The view from Noordhoek Peak

Right fellow EYB athletes, the last few hikes have been tremendous. HUUUUUGE turnouts, lots of new faces and some memorable views.

We've itching to get the EYB athletes out on the open road and see what we can really do. So this Sunday's is hike is going to push the boundaries a little.

The route is going to take us from Constantia Neck, up over the Vlakenberg, past Elephants Knee and up to the summit of the Constantiaberg at 928m above sea level, spectacular views here in all directions, where we will stop to zuuuooooomf a few cup cakes in celebration of Caro's birthday.

From the summit of the Constantiaberg we will then descend to the no less picturesque Noordhoek Peak, before making our way back to the Blackburn Kloof and the final descent to the car park at the Chapman's Peak toll plaza, approximately 1.5km's from Chapman's Peak Hotel.

This non-circular route will have to involve leaving cars at the Chapman's Peak toll plaza. We suggest that we all meet at the plaza at 8:15 sharp, then leave enough cars there and take the rest up to Constantia Neck car park.

Due to the length of this hike we really need to be punctual and have cars sorted and be on the mountain by 9am, so please keep that in mind.

It is estimated that this hike will take around 4.5 to 5hrs.

As far as I can see four legged athletes are welcome

With that in mind, the PHV (Post Hike Vibe) will at Dunes in Hout Bay where four legged athlete's are welcome outside.

The weather for Sunday is looking as if it could be a little cloudy and perhaps windy. We will still be a go, baring a monster storm.

Meet: 8:15 Chapman's Peak toll plaza or 8:45 Constantia Neck with lift organised!

Bring: Plenty of fluids. Warm top, something to eat, fruit sweets, sandwich etc and if your name is a C a C a CFT a CFT, then cupcakes for Caro!

Four legged athletes: All welcome, even a-Jenna jenna jenna jenna is making an appearance.

Post hike vibe: Dunes

Awesome, hope the weather plays it's part.

See you all on Sunday!!!


ps should you need to communicate with either beef or myself re car logistics our numbers are as follows.
Dave 082 889 2711
Beef 073 808 6116

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

HATT AWARD - Sun 27th

The teacher
Loving the vibe!
The HATT hand over!
The HATT AWARD for last weekend's hike went to someone who displayed all the characteristics we look for in a HATT AWARD recipient.

What most of you don't know is that the original route for the hike included a walk around and up the sentinel ridge, however there were concerns over the safety of the start of the route. So on Thursday Beef took Jenna (his rather large ridgeback) on a scouting run. Certain sections of the route were deemed to be unsafe for EYB consumption. Huge organisational effort from Beef.

Then on the actual day Beef was 'the photographer', 'the teacher', 'the leader', 'the rescuer'. Generally a tremendous effort all round!

Just a note on 'the rescuer', after the hike had finished and all was done, we realised that our three local friends had got themselves stuck on a ledge and were shouting for help. At this stage Beef, with little or no regard for his own safety, headed back up the mountain and piggy-backed the crying children to safety. Incredible stuff.

Although there were several candidates for the award, including a few of the 12 debutante's, it was in the end a no-brainer as to who the HATT AWARD should go to!

Well done BEEF!

And thanks for a spectacular hike!

Earn your breakfast!!!!

Post Hike Vibe (PHV) ...and more!!!

TREMENDOUS focus and committment by The Moses on debut!!!

The Sossmeister Creating her Own Reality!!!

"Look, The Whale... This Time for Real" (TTFR)!!!

Caroline (CBFZ) soaking it up!!

Spreading the Vibe!!!!

Check out ALL the EYB Hiking Photos from Sunday by clicking on the link!!!!!!

Epic Cape Town Colour!!!

Warren absorbing the vibe to the max!!

His view towards Lions Head

No Fear!!
Altitude sickness!!!

Local EYB recruits!!

35 and 6 EYB Athletes Conquer the Karbonkelberg Under African Skies!!!

Fresh Legs!!!

Loving the posed shots!!!

The New Recruits taking control of the CFT!!

EYB Athletes in full swing!!!

Fellow EYB Athletes!!!!

Sunday saw the biggest turnout ever since the start of the EYB vibe! 35 and 6 super fit mountain goats managed to summit the Karbonkelberg in pretty good time to enjoy some of the most incredible views that Cape Town has to offer. Views stretched as far as the Twelve Apostles, Lions Head, Noordhoek Beach, Kommetjie…and for those who raised their game and powered up the smaller KapteinsPIEK, beautiful views of Hout Bay Harbour were enjoyed!! For those who upped their pace to a canter in the closing stages, tremendous effort... We promise to try our best to avoid the need for speed in the future!!!

The weather once again was perfect and the four-legged troops were in their element up in the mountains. A tick collar is apparently the next new gadget that needs to become part of the kit list following some reports of the cheeky little buggers finding their way into some hard to find places!! Dave Moir can also vouch for the need of a Full-Body-Check to avoid any scratchy moments later in the week!!! Big appologies to the the 'post-hike-vibe' exclusion of the four legged athletes!!

Guys, EYB is an ever growing vibe that is proving to be pretty special. Its brilliant to meet so many new people, and enjoy the energy of such an amped group of athletes! Lets spread the vibe to whoever out there who we know will be up for it!

The couch on a sunday evening has taken on a whole new meaning!!!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sunday Hike - 27th Aug - Hout Bay/Karbonkelberg!!!

Directions (end of Bayview Rd - Top Left) !!

KapteinsPIEK view!

Hey Athletes!!!!

Last week's hike was a pretty gentle stroll enjoyed by 25 and 2 in perfect winter weather! This week will take us into the heavens above Hout Bay to the summit of the 'Karbonkelberg' mountain range, and the smaller 'KapteinsPIEK' also awaits some weary legs on the way back towards the cars. The gradient will definately be a cuppala notches up from last week, but nothing out of range for the extreme nature of EYBTM athletes!! A huge effort has been put in by the girls over the past few weeks (boys are loving it), so I think a huuuuuuuoooooj effort is needed by some of the lazy fella's out there for this week's hike!!!!

How to get there: Head towards Hout Bay harbour along Harbour Road. Go past Mariners Wharf, SA Fisheries Museum, and the NSRI, and take the first right towards Karbonkel Rd. Turn right into Bayview Rd which is second right off Karbonkel Rd. Follow Bayview all the way up to the end and find a park. Please check out the map above (see top left of the map at the end of Bayview Rd) to avoid any confusion.
Time: 8:45 - around 12'ish (likely to be a shorter walk but we'll see how it goes!)
What to bring: Water, camera, a warm top, some snacks, sweets, coffee... your vibe!!!
Weather: Looks good for now topping 21 degrees and CLEAR UNDER AFRICAN SKIES!!!!
Four Legged Athletes: I have not done this walk before, so am not entirely sure, but cant see there being any problems with the difficulty. There are no major scrambles so it should be fine. Dogs are allowed!!
Post hike vibe: The Deck, just down the road!!!
This site now allows for anyone to make any comments without having to register, or fill out any other time consuming rif raf, so those who are in, let us know!!! Any other banter or suggestions are always welcome and add to the vibe!!!
Awesome, Brilliant, Unbelievable...Tremendous - see everyone on Sun!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

The HATT award!

Here is a picture of the HATT award winners from the weekend, Sarah is holding the new HATT award trophy/book!

Steve Doors Backhouse was out of town for the weekend, so the official hand over picture will have to be a delayed one.

Earn Your Breakfast!!

Simon's Town - Kleinplaas Dam

The Lewis Gay Dam
Drinks at Bertha's
25 and 2!!
Chaos at the water!

Sunday the 20th of August saw another awesome turnout on the mountain. 25 athletes and 2 dogs gathered above Simon's Town for what turned out to be a fairly short walk around the Kleinplaas and the Lewis Gay Dam's.

However it was a far smaller body of water that caused the most commotion, a small pool in the road just below the Lewis Gay Dam. Shoes were being pulled off, piggy backs were being offered and Stanley and Sophie were just diving straight in. Brilliant.

The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect. Mostly clear blue skies and not a breath of wind. The hike was fairly gentle with very little taxing gradient and taking a little under 2 hours to complete.

To the 12 debutants who joined us, welcome! We hope to see you again.

The HATT AWARD has taken the form of a 1967 Cape Peninsula hiking book, purchased from the book shop above Bertha's and was presented to Sarah, Stanley and Sophie for an awesome come back to the EYB hiking club.

Most of the group made their way to Bertha's in the Simon's Town wharf for a bite to eat and some well earned drinks.

All in all an amazing day.

See you all on the mountain next weekend.

All the pics from the hike on the shutterfly link, thanks Beef!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sun 20 August - Simon's Town - Kleinplaas Dam

Last Sunday's hike was an epic affair from Constantia Neck, up and around the reservoirs and down Nursery Ravine! There have however been reports of some seriously sore legs in the days that followed, which is good. It's the kind of sore that you know you've earned.

With that in mind we've decided to have a slightly shorter, less intense, yet hopefully no less picturesque hike this Sunday.

We will be meeting above Simon's Town and hiking up to the Kleinplaas Dam. The route is expected to take around two and a half hours and the dam is meant to be spectacular. It is a circular route that will bring us back to our cars via the Brooklands Community Ruins.

How to get there: Take the coastal road and turn right just before you get into Simon's Town, heading up towards Red Hill. Once on the top, there are a cluster of houses called Pinehaven, turn right and follow the road for approximately 3km's to an old farm house, park 50m before this on the left.

Time: 8:50 meet, 9:00am we start walking - that's 9:00am Gary Fahy, not 9:15!!

What to bring: Water, camera, a warm top and some sweets for the captain! Unless your name is Doors, then backpack, compass, torch, walkie talkie's, maps etc!!

Weather: The weather is looking as if it should be clearing by Sunday with temperatures creeping into the twenties. Check the links under the links section.

Post hike vibe: There are a number of places along the way home to stop for a bite to eat or a beer. Polana, Brass Bell or The Quaterdeck in Simon's Town for breakfast, so no doubt we'll be pulling into one of them after. We will have earned it!!

Awesome, see you athletes there!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006


The Bulletjies Walking-it-Off!!!

Captain Le Riche getting some Lovin'!!!!

'HATT AWARD' Handover!!!!


Extreme Cheese Grating!!!!

The Splendour of Cape Town... and its ATHLETES!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The day the records fell - 26 and 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, the 13th August '06 will go down in the history books as one of the most unbelievable turn-outs by the group of 'Health & Fitness 2006' role models!!! Earn Your Breakfast was given a whole new meaning with 26 hikers... and 2 dogs (realistically only 1 and a half!!!) showing up at the Constantia Neck Car Park!!

The day proved to be an absolute belter, with everything from steep climbs and moans, social jeep track strolling, reservoirs brimming to the max, extreme cheese grating, Captain Le Riche inspired Choc Chip Ham and Cheese Croissants, coffee to die for, and the bone crunching decents down Nursery Ravine!!!! Even the waiter at Constantia Neck Restaurant fully absorbed our 'Earn Your...' philosophy by keeping thirsty hikers waiting for about 25mins... another record tumbles!!! Even the shell-shocked Bulls supporters sucked it up and walked it off!!!!
There was also some fierce competition for the "HATT AWARD" this week, but with some sensational committment and vision by the 'Doors Factor', it was felt that Stephen Backhouse should take the honours!! His spanking new backpack and persistent headtorch domination proved too much for the other contenders!!
Here's to an awesome awesome effort by everyone!!!!!!!!!
Check out all the photos at, and a few choice pics above!!
EARN YOUR BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Le Riche, Go Neil, and the Dekster, spotted at the Herring last Saturday!!!

Silvermine East Hike - Sun, 31st July!!!!

Woodstock Cave Hike - Sat, 24th Jun!!!

Folks, I've put together a few albums from previous hikes and also the festivities from last Saturday so check out all the photo's by clicking on the link!!! It would be great to get all the photos together from previous and future hikes, so anyone who is keen to add some photo's, then let me know and we'll organize!!!


Earn Your Breakfast!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunday Hike - 13 Aug - Constantia Neck / Table Top!!!!

WHO's IN???????????

Hey guys!!!

Unfortunately for those who were keen to explore the Manganese Mines, the vibe there in winter is apparantly not that great, so we'll give it a few months before venturing into the depths of Hout Bay (sorry Doorsy, you can still bring your torch if you want!!).

Sundays hike will start at Constantia Nek, and take us up the bridle path/jeep track onto the Back Table past Victoria and Alexandria Reservoirs. We'll then take a right past the Woodhead and Hely-Hutchinson Reservoirs towards Nursery Ravine. We can either (time dependant) go down Nursery and back to the cars via the contour path (Table Mountain Challenge route), or we'll stay high and follow our original route down.

Time: 8:30am
Meeting Spot: Constantia Neck Car Park
Finish: New to this walk, but likely around 12/12:30pm!
Bring: Water (plenty), warm top, chow, sweets whatever!!!

Sunday looks to be a peach so hopefully we'll stay dry!!
For those who are in - see you Sun!

Earn Your Breakfast!!!!!

Elephants Eye - Saturday 05 Aug!!!!!!!!


The Elephants Eye walk on Saturday proved to be truly special! Apart from a late charge by 'The HATT' deciding rather to run-the-hike from the wrong car park about 3km down the valley, it proved to be a fairly gentle walk taking not more than an hour or so to get to the Cave!! Our captain 'King of the Mountains Le Riche' also wipped out the OMGC (one-man-gas-cooker) to rev up some coffee for the troops!!!

With everyone pretty amped to get to the Herring for the rugger and Part II, the walk down was no longer than about 45 mins!!

Click on the Shutterfly link to check out all the photo's from Saturday's walk!!!

Earn Your Breakfast!!!

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