Thursday, August 31, 2006

EYB Athletes Hit the Road this SUNDAY!!!!!!

The 'Aviator'

This Sunday will see some serious EYB athletes take to the roads of Cape Town in the SPAR Women's 10 km Challenge. We would like to wish you guys good luck for a great race, and salute the efforts of those debut 10km runners. Its an awesome feeling to be part of such a great vibe so enjoy every minute... and I reckon a big group photo is a must at the finish line!!!

C'moooooooon!!! Good Luck!!!


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Riche said...

Good luck ladies. Great to see you are taking the "Earn Your" brand onto the streets and diversifying it a little!

It's going to get so much bigger than just the mountains.

Definitely have to have the group photo for the website at the finish line!


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