Tuesday, August 29, 2006

HATT AWARD - Sun 27th

The teacher
Loving the vibe!
The HATT hand over!
The HATT AWARD for last weekend's hike went to someone who displayed all the characteristics we look for in a HATT AWARD recipient.

What most of you don't know is that the original route for the hike included a walk around and up the sentinel ridge, however there were concerns over the safety of the start of the route. So on Thursday Beef took Jenna (his rather large ridgeback) on a scouting run. Certain sections of the route were deemed to be unsafe for EYB consumption. Huge organisational effort from Beef.

Then on the actual day Beef was 'the photographer', 'the teacher', 'the leader', 'the rescuer'. Generally a tremendous effort all round!

Just a note on 'the rescuer', after the hike had finished and all was done, we realised that our three local friends had got themselves stuck on a ledge and were shouting for help. At this stage Beef, with little or no regard for his own safety, headed back up the mountain and piggy-backed the crying children to safety. Incredible stuff.

Although there were several candidates for the award, including a few of the 12 debutante's, it was in the end a no-brainer as to who the HATT AWARD should go to!

Well done BEEF!

And thanks for a spectacular hike!

Earn your breakfast!!!!

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