Tuesday, August 29, 2006

35 and 6 EYB Athletes Conquer the Karbonkelberg Under African Skies!!!

Fresh Legs!!!

Loving the posed shots!!!

The New Recruits taking control of the CFT!!

EYB Athletes in full swing!!!

Fellow EYB Athletes!!!!

Sunday saw the biggest turnout ever since the start of the EYB vibe! 35 and 6 super fit mountain goats managed to summit the Karbonkelberg in pretty good time to enjoy some of the most incredible views that Cape Town has to offer. Views stretched as far as the Twelve Apostles, Lions Head, Noordhoek Beach, Kommetjie…and for those who raised their game and powered up the smaller KapteinsPIEK, beautiful views of Hout Bay Harbour were enjoyed!! For those who upped their pace to a canter in the closing stages, tremendous effort... We promise to try our best to avoid the need for speed in the future!!!

The weather once again was perfect and the four-legged troops were in their element up in the mountains. A tick collar is apparently the next new gadget that needs to become part of the kit list following some reports of the cheeky little buggers finding their way into some hard to find places!! Dave Moir can also vouch for the need of a Full-Body-Check to avoid any scratchy moments later in the week!!! Big appologies to the the 'post-hike-vibe' exclusion of the four legged athletes!!

Guys, EYB is an ever growing vibe that is proving to be pretty special. Its brilliant to meet so many new people, and enjoy the energy of such an amped group of athletes! Lets spread the vibe to whoever out there who we know will be up for it!

The couch on a sunday evening has taken on a whole new meaning!!!



Caro said...

Thanks for a great hike on such a beautiful CT day! See you next weekend, look forward to seeing which mountain we'll take on!
Caro xx

CFT said...

Countess Lucia (Caro to mere mortals) - this weekends hike is going to be a thigh burning, Elvis legs vibe (or so I have been told). I think all should know as well, that it should be a hike in celebration of your BIRTHDAY today!!!! Therefore there needs to be much cake and coffee brought. I think I have officially nominated myself with this portfolio. Let me here a C a C a CFT!!!!!

Furthermore, if this is going to be a long one!!!!! Please make sure you bring ALAN so that I can position myself behind him for maximum bum viewing!!!

Beef, when are you going to invite Ricky, so that there are even MORE hotties (present hikers included in the HOTTIES) for us girls to walk behind!!!

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