Thursday, August 10, 2006

Elephants Eye - Saturday 05 Aug!!!!!!!!


The Elephants Eye walk on Saturday proved to be truly special! Apart from a late charge by 'The HATT' deciding rather to run-the-hike from the wrong car park about 3km down the valley, it proved to be a fairly gentle walk taking not more than an hour or so to get to the Cave!! Our captain 'King of the Mountains Le Riche' also wipped out the OMGC (one-man-gas-cooker) to rev up some coffee for the troops!!!

With everyone pretty amped to get to the Herring for the rugger and Part II, the walk down was no longer than about 45 mins!!

Click on the Shutterfly link to check out all the photo's from Saturday's walk!!!

Earn Your Breakfast!!!

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