Monday, August 21, 2006

Simon's Town - Kleinplaas Dam

The Lewis Gay Dam
Drinks at Bertha's
25 and 2!!
Chaos at the water!

Sunday the 20th of August saw another awesome turnout on the mountain. 25 athletes and 2 dogs gathered above Simon's Town for what turned out to be a fairly short walk around the Kleinplaas and the Lewis Gay Dam's.

However it was a far smaller body of water that caused the most commotion, a small pool in the road just below the Lewis Gay Dam. Shoes were being pulled off, piggy backs were being offered and Stanley and Sophie were just diving straight in. Brilliant.

The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect. Mostly clear blue skies and not a breath of wind. The hike was fairly gentle with very little taxing gradient and taking a little under 2 hours to complete.

To the 12 debutants who joined us, welcome! We hope to see you again.

The HATT AWARD has taken the form of a 1967 Cape Peninsula hiking book, purchased from the book shop above Bertha's and was presented to Sarah, Stanley and Sophie for an awesome come back to the EYB hiking club.

Most of the group made their way to Bertha's in the Simon's Town wharf for a bite to eat and some well earned drinks.

All in all an amazing day.

See you all on the mountain next weekend.

All the pics from the hike on the shutterfly link, thanks Beef!


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Beef said...

Brilliant vibe guys... there have been a few requests from various EYB Athletes regarding any details to be included on the site!! To raise our game and expand the ever growing reality of the EYB Vibe, please let us know what could make it all bigger and better!!!

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