Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Post Hike Vibe (PHV) ...and more!!!

TREMENDOUS focus and committment by The Moses on debut!!!

The Sossmeister Creating her Own Reality!!!

"Look, The Whale... This Time for Real" (TTFR)!!!

Caroline (CBFZ) soaking it up!!

Spreading the Vibe!!!!

Check out ALL the EYB Hiking Photos from Sunday by clicking on the link!!!!!!


Moses said...

Tremendous hike indeed. Post Hike Vibe was world class, especially when that band appeared straight out of the 60s. One more Amstel and I would have been on the dance floor.
Roger that.

Riche said...

Absolutely spectacular hike.

Beef has really put the pressure on me to come up with something special this weekend!


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