Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From Mountains to Oceans

Beauty awaits all Athletes

With yet another scorcher of a day set for Friday, along with Spring tides, FAMM is set to take a slight detour from our majestic mountains down to the ocean where a route of beauty, sand and sea awaits all Athletes. We are blessed with the best of both worlds in this awesome city so why not take advantage of this and head down to the beach for a morning run with a difference!

What date: Friday, 2nd February

What Route: We will start from the Primi Piatti side of Camps Bay beach and jog along the water's edge before hopping over onto Glen beach and along this surfers paradise, before we head up the stairs and make a quick dash along the tar to La Med. Here we will wind our way through the legendary La Med, through the back streets of Clifton and down onto 4th Beach where white sand and 1st class beaches await our footprints. We will jog along here with the style and grace of Baywatch Babes and the athleticism of The HOF, before attacking the steps back up onto the tar and along to the Bantry Benches for some view time. From here its an easy "jog it in" along the tar back down onto Camps Beach where the ocean awaits our energized bodies!

What time: 5:45am sharp...ready to footprint the beach by 6am. Give yourself enough time to wind your way over from the "burbs".

Where do I park: Camps Bay, Victoria Rd on the beachfront outside the Caltex Garage and Nandos.

FLA'S: Dogs, leads and poop bags are more than welcome!

What to bring: For those of you are are brave enough to take a dip in the ocean afterwards, bring your costumes and a towel...we encourage Baywatch colours!

Post Hike Vibe: Nothing is open at this cheeky hour so we can grab a cuppa from the Caturra Cafe at the Caltex and head back onto the beach for some chill time before work calls on us!

AWESOME way to start your weekend on a happy note, so grab your takkies and your cozzie and get ready to EARN YOUR WEEKEND!!!

See you out there ATHLETES!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Debutants lead the way

Ladies lead from the front

What team spirit?

Is that Spongebob I spot?

A FAMM record was achieved last Friday as 20 + 1 super keen and fit athletes took to Tafelberg Rd with pace, style and pure athletic vibe! Another beautiful, misty Cape Town morning saw some old and new faces take to the mountains to dominate the Woodstock Cave route as views, sunrises and banter provided another inspirational morning out. The ladies led the pack from the front and set the tempo for the morning as both joggers and walkers enjoyed the initial snaking around the bends of Tafelberg rd, before making the cheeky ascent up to the cave, where a brief breather and banter session was had. A regroup of walkers and runners was had on the way back down before the Yellow Brick Rd led the way back to the cars.

Kodak FAMM moment

Yet again the morning provided us with a beautiful sunrise, some great running time, debutant domination and above all motivational athletes!!! Awesome to have you all out there and get ready for a FAMM Spring tide Beach run with a difference this Friday! See you there!

Pure vibe!!

Our legend FLA; King of the Mountains

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

EYB hits Rhodes Mem after the Met

What View? What beautiful mountain?


This Sunday will see a chilled walk in Newlands Forest from Rhodes Memorial to the Blockhouse, and then along the upper contour path into the top of Kirstenbosch and back.

Our VAVT fort

We will begin our ascent from Rhodes Memorial parking lot and take a gentle stroll up the hill to King's Blockhouse , where if the need arises we can VAVT and give the Elvis legs a quick moment to gather their beat. From there we will snake along the upper contour path above Newlands Forest taking in the spectacular views of the "Burbs" and beyond. We will then link up with the jeep track that will lead us back to our guarded cars at Rhodes Memorial.

What time: 8:15am, want to be on the mountain by 8:30am. Shouldn't be longer than 2-3hours depending on VAVT and how far we snake along the contour.

Take the Rhodes Memorial exit off the M3 just next to UCT and head up the Yellow Brick Road to the parking lot. Or follow the trail of VIBE and EYB car stickers.

What must I bring:
Lots and lots of water!!! Also if you can manage on a Met hangover, bring Champagne, muffins and sweets are always welcomed by the team leaders.

PHV: Either we opt for civilised tea and scones at Rhodes Mem or we take the more "Athelete" route and head to Forries for a well earned draught! The choice is obvious to some...!

So enjoy the met on Saturday and lets see you out there on Sunday morning!!

The Gnomes of Newlands Forest grow legs and take to the hills

See you on Sunday to EARN YOUR BREAKFAST!!!!!

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With Cape Town weather at a all time high this week, so should one's Athletic spirits! What more could a morning athlete look for in a run - Crisp beautiful mornings, emotional sunrises, sensational city views and inspirational EYB Athletic banter! So with Friday set to top the weather barometers, a beautiful morning is predicted, so set those alarm clocks and begin your weekend with a morning run with a difference!

What inspirational morning?

What date: Friday, 26th January

What Route:
Cable Car Rd, Woodstock Cave Its a route we've foot printed in the past and requires some gentle jogging along the road to manage the cave summit and be back down in time to start the day at work - but lots of time to regroup so don't be shy to come along!

What time:
545am...the chicanes of Tafelberg rd are longer than one perceives; so leave some time to roll around them at a gentle pace rather than at breakneck speed!!

Where do I park:
Up Kloof Nek rd, left into Tafelberg Rd (Cable car rd) and ALL the way along past, the cable car station, past Platteklip and keep going until you are unable to take your car any further and you will come across the EYB branded cars!

FLA Friendly: All dogs welcome, great route for our four legged friends!

With debutants leading the way forward in 2007, lets hope to see more new faces out there, together with the legends of EYB to make this a morning of pure Athletic inspiration - it begins inside but thrives amongst like minded athletes on the mountains of Cape Town. So see you out there ready to EARN!

Do you need any more encouragement?

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cape Runners Against Gravity (CRAG) - 17/01/2007

CRAG Runners and Walkers - 17/01/07

Frequent re-groups allow for a great range of runners to join

Beautiful Contour Path Views

Boardwalks on the Upper Contour

Yesterday saw a big group of like-minded Cape Town locals hit the slopes of Newlands Forest. It was one of those amazing Cape evenings and spirits were soaring with the good vibe of outdoor life.

For those who would like to get out there and join a group which caters for most levels, a small write up from the CRAG Leaders will highlight their vibe.

'CRAG is an all-inclusive group with the emphasis on providing an opportunity for runners and walkers and in-betweeners of all levels of fitness and ability to get out on to the trails, mountains and beaches, to enjoy the beauty of our natural environment, and escape the mad rush and energy-sapping frustrations of everyday pursuits for a short time each week in the stimulating company of a bunch of (often) slightly crazy but well-grounded (pardon the pun) individuals who love doing the same thing.'

Check out their website which also caters for those who are keen on getting their pooches out on the mountains...


Sign up to their newsletter to receive weekly updates of all the arranged trails. CRAG meets at different locations around the Cape Peninsula between 5:30 and 5:45pm every WEDNESDAY evening. Check it out!!!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Earn your Table Mountain Route

After a successful and inspiring 2006 of FAMM and EYB, the new year calls for athletes to to head back to the mountains, gather their EYB spirit, and take FAMM to new levels of fitness and fame!

Last week saw debutants dominate Lion's Head as an old favourite route was yet again enjoyed by all those who took up the challenge to begin their year of earning. As we continuously look and scout for new off-road running routes in our city, we will head back to a favourite of FAMMS', which provides the Athlete with an early cheeky ascent, a rocky but fynbos filled contour path and of course breathtaking views of our city bowl and beyond. Weather guru is kicking off the weekend with clear skies and sunshine so get your Christmas bellies out of bed and head onto the mountains to start your year of EARNING!

FAMM imprints Table Mountain with EYB spirit

What date: Friday, 19th January 2007

What Route: Platteklip Gorge, along the upper countour path of Table Mountain and back down the tar road to Kloof Nek parking lot. Maximum time is 1 hour with stops.

What time: 5:45am - please try your best to be on time as logistics requires some movement of cars and athletes to get on the mountain by 6am

Where do I park:
All meet at Kloof Nek parking lot, just at the top of Kloof Nek Rd on your left. We will leave most of the cars here and jump in the 2 biggest and make our way to Platteklip Gorge where our legs will be put to the early morning test!

FLA'S: All welcome, no chains or ladders just some narrow contour paths but nothing our Four legged Athletes haven't conquered before!

aims to spread itself in the year to come and will continuously be on the scout for new and challenging morning routes on and around\our city mountains. If anyone would like to share their own routes with us to broaden our choices, please feel free to mail us on earnyourbreakfast@gmail.com as we welcome and suggestions and feedback!

This is a beautiful scenic route with a great VAVT of the city after a gentle jog along the contour path, so we hope to see you up there on Friday to kick start your weekend. If all else fails a little VIDA has been known to give an even harder kick to get the weekend going! See you there ATHLETES!!


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Debutants Dominate the Mountains!!

21 and 2 (Four Legged Athletes)!


Stu, Jonts and Simon!

Shelley and John

Loving the views and the vibe!

Blackburn Ravine Lookout - Spectacular!

Yesterday saw 21 keen 'earn your' athletes head out into the beautiful Silvemine Reserve. 13 Debutants took up the offer to join in on the vibe and dominate from the word go. We headed up along Steenberg Ridge, into the Elaphants Eye Cave, down towards the Blackburn Ravine Lookout, and back via the Noordhoek Peak circuit Jeep Track.

It was awesome to have so many new faces out on the mountain, and I encourage anyone who is considering joining the vibe not to hesitate! The weather was also awesome yesterday and despite plenty of water being consumed on the mountain, there was a dire need to rehydrate/dehydrate further at the mighty Brass Bell in Kalk Bay!

All in all, a great day out and an unbelievable way to spend some quality time with some like minded people. To all other athletes who were 'earning their breakfast' elsewhere this past weekend whether it be cycling, running, walking, swimming or just getting up and out... awesome effort!!


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Thursday, January 11, 2007


FAMM time again and i think its only write to start with looking at exactly what FAMM is and what it is meant to be... from the archives of the God Father Beef himself:

is obviously a lot shorter than the Sunday vibe keeping it at a maximum time of about 1 hour. It is slightly more aimed at a jog where possible, but we really have had a big range of people and some are fitter than others! Generally if there is any kind of incline then there are always those who will walk/ hike it rather than jog it! Most of our routes so far have had a flat/ downhill section to end with so we normally jog it in -but again not at any blinding pace at all! There are also those who have time constraints and for them they turn back when appropriate - the routes will never get you lost!!!
Its a great platform to actually get into some jogging as some people have mentioned before!
And just remember - unless an athlete specifically states that they will be leaving early or whatever... we'll never leave a fellow athlete behind!!!"

To start the year off on a good note, LIONS HEAD will be summitted. Please invite anyone you want to, will be a nice chilled one this week to start the year off on a gentle note. The more the merrier, so spread the word.

When: 5:45am - should be down by 7:15ish

Where to park: Meet at the car park at the bottom of the lions head start. Right off Kloof Rd onto the signal hill road and its about 200m up on the right.

Afterwards we will grace the Vida on Kloof for a bit of breakie… apparently they experienced a bad Christmas season due to the lack of EYB visits over the Xmas season.

See you all there.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Opening 2007 EYB Hike - 14th January

Silvermine - Elephants Eye Cave - Blackburn Ravine Lookout

For those keen to jump start the year with an awesome hike on Sunday should take note of this beauty! Dust off the xmas-new year cobwebs, stay true to those new year's resolutions, and make it down for a great morning out!

Previous EYB posers at the Blackburn Lookout!

There are many different route options in this area but weather dependent (currently no worries at 28 degrees and clear) we'll look to take in views of the Southern Suburbs and False Bay from the Elephants Eye Cave above Tokai, spectacular views from the Blackburn Ravine Lookout of Hout Bay and the KARBONKELBERG/SENTINEL mountains, and the decent back to the Silvermine Reservior.

Elephants Eye Cave

There are no major climbs on this hike so it should be a good one for those wanting to ease their way into 2007!!

Meet time: 8:15am (summer time athletes!!!) in time to kick off no later than 8:30am.

WDIP (Where do I Park?): Go into the main Silvermine Entrance (if travelling towards Fish Hoek, its on the right at the top of Ou Kaapse Weg). Normally a small R10 charge is payable at the gate... follow the boards until the last car park near the reservoir. Look for the cars with the EYB stickers.

Get out and hug everyone hello! Please note that cellphone reception once past the main gate and in the car park is almost non-existent, so make all necessary calls/texts before driving through to the end.

Hike Time: Likely around 3-4 hours depending on how chilled everyone is feeling and the size of the group.

PHV: Open to suggestions!!

What to bring: All your usual hiking gadgets and food/ munchies and PLENTY of water!! It will likely be pretty hot so a hat and sunscreen are a must!!

Views from Elephants Eye

Athletes, hope to see as many of you out there as possible!! For those old-timers... get your lazy behinds back on the mountains!! For any debutants wishing to be part of the Vibe... PLEASE COME ALONG, and bring ANYONE who you know who would be up for it!!!


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