Thursday, January 25, 2007

EYB hits Rhodes Mem after the Met

What View? What beautiful mountain?


This Sunday will see a chilled walk in Newlands Forest from Rhodes Memorial to the Blockhouse, and then along the upper contour path into the top of Kirstenbosch and back.

Our VAVT fort

We will begin our ascent from Rhodes Memorial parking lot and take a gentle stroll up the hill to King's Blockhouse , where if the need arises we can VAVT and give the Elvis legs a quick moment to gather their beat. From there we will snake along the upper contour path above Newlands Forest taking in the spectacular views of the "Burbs" and beyond. We will then link up with the jeep track that will lead us back to our guarded cars at Rhodes Memorial.

What time: 8:15am, want to be on the mountain by 8:30am. Shouldn't be longer than 2-3hours depending on VAVT and how far we snake along the contour.

Take the Rhodes Memorial exit off the M3 just next to UCT and head up the Yellow Brick Road to the parking lot. Or follow the trail of VIBE and EYB car stickers.

What must I bring:
Lots and lots of water!!! Also if you can manage on a Met hangover, bring Champagne, muffins and sweets are always welcomed by the team leaders.

PHV: Either we opt for civilised tea and scones at Rhodes Mem or we take the more "Athelete" route and head to Forries for a well earned draught! The choice is obvious to some...!

So enjoy the met on Saturday and lets see you out there on Sunday morning!!

The Gnomes of Newlands Forest grow legs and take to the hills

See you on Sunday to EARN YOUR BREAKFAST!!!!!


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