Thursday, January 25, 2007


With Cape Town weather at a all time high this week, so should one's Athletic spirits! What more could a morning athlete look for in a run - Crisp beautiful mornings, emotional sunrises, sensational city views and inspirational EYB Athletic banter! So with Friday set to top the weather barometers, a beautiful morning is predicted, so set those alarm clocks and begin your weekend with a morning run with a difference!

What inspirational morning?

What date: Friday, 26th January

What Route:
Cable Car Rd, Woodstock Cave Its a route we've foot printed in the past and requires some gentle jogging along the road to manage the cave summit and be back down in time to start the day at work - but lots of time to regroup so don't be shy to come along!

What time:
545am...the chicanes of Tafelberg rd are longer than one perceives; so leave some time to roll around them at a gentle pace rather than at breakneck speed!!

Where do I park:
Up Kloof Nek rd, left into Tafelberg Rd (Cable car rd) and ALL the way along past, the cable car station, past Platteklip and keep going until you are unable to take your car any further and you will come across the EYB branded cars!

FLA Friendly: All dogs welcome, great route for our four legged friends!

With debutants leading the way forward in 2007, lets hope to see more new faces out there, together with the legends of EYB to make this a morning of pure Athletic inspiration - it begins inside but thrives amongst like minded athletes on the mountains of Cape Town. So see you out there ready to EARN!

Do you need any more encouragement?


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Nick K said...

Big thanks to every one of the twenty-something athletes who braved the 5:45am start time this morning, and for all baring witness to me losing my FAMMV (FAMM-Virginity).

Despite having to keep our VAVT noise-levels down in Woodstock Cave (we respect cave dwellers who are asleep), the all-round vibe was epic!

Great performance all round… but special mention goes to Sue for her top-notch return-run pace!

Vida é unknowingly hosted our PHV, where Beef and Michelle both put in a good, solid innings!

For all those FAMMV athletes out there, you’re missing out on a fantastic way to start a Friday. Hope you can make it next time!

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