Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cape Runners Against Gravity (CRAG) - 17/01/2007

CRAG Runners and Walkers - 17/01/07

Frequent re-groups allow for a great range of runners to join

Beautiful Contour Path Views

Boardwalks on the Upper Contour

Yesterday saw a big group of like-minded Cape Town locals hit the slopes of Newlands Forest. It was one of those amazing Cape evenings and spirits were soaring with the good vibe of outdoor life.

For those who would like to get out there and join a group which caters for most levels, a small write up from the CRAG Leaders will highlight their vibe.

'CRAG is an all-inclusive group with the emphasis on providing an opportunity for runners and walkers and in-betweeners of all levels of fitness and ability to get out on to the trails, mountains and beaches, to enjoy the beauty of our natural environment, and escape the mad rush and energy-sapping frustrations of everyday pursuits for a short time each week in the stimulating company of a bunch of (often) slightly crazy but well-grounded (pardon the pun) individuals who love doing the same thing.'

Check out their website which also caters for those who are keen on getting their pooches out on the mountains...

Sign up to their newsletter to receive weekly updates of all the arranged trails. CRAG meets at different locations around the Cape Peninsula between 5:30 and 5:45pm every WEDNESDAY evening. Check it out!!!


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