Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tokai Forest - Elephant's Eye!

Tokai Plantation

Awesome views from the Elephant's Eye!!


This week will see us venture up and up through Tokai forest towards the elephant's eye cave which has great views of the Southern Suburbs and out over the Cape Flats.

There are hundreds of different options to hike in the Tokai area, so we'll see what the vibe is on Sunday and head out accordingly. Please bring out your pooches, their mates, your mates, your family, or anyone else who is keen to spend some time in our beautiful mountains.

Time: 8:45am - we'll see what everyone is keen for but we'll probably be on the mountain for about 3 - 3,5 hours in total!!

Where do I Park?:
Tokai Arboretum - Drive up towards the Old Manor House which is at the very end of Tokai Rd (towards the Tokai Plantation - Steenberg Golf Estate will be on your left). Turn left at the Manor House which will take you all the way to the car park.

What to bring:
Always bring plenty of fluids and a warm top. The weather for Sunday looks dry, and partly cloudy... but always bring the necessary gear for any changes in the weather.

Hope to see everyone out there on Sunday!!! Everyone is welcome!!



Sunday, May 27, 2007

Winter Magic on the Karbonkelberg!!!

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Today saw 15 athletes and 3 Four Legged Athletes (FLA's) conquer the magical slopes of the Karbonkelberg! It was a perfect winter morning with new debutants and some old faces joining in on the vibe!

This is a fairly chilled hike up to the summit, and the views are truly breathtaking!! Check out all the photos above!!

Well done to everyone who came out for this EYB favourite!!



Thursday, May 24, 2007

An EYB Favourite Hike - KARBONKELBERG!!!!!

Awesome views await us!


Sunday sees us head up to one of our favourite look out points in the Cape high above the Atlantic Ocean. It's a fairly relaxed but steady walk up to the summit which makes this walk one for everyone!! The views are also truly awesome!!

Directions: Head towards Hout Bay harbour along Harbour Road. Go past Mariners Wharf, SA Fisheries Museum, and the NSRI, and take the first right towards Karbonkel Rd. Turn right into Bayview Rd which is second right off Karbonkel Rd. Follow Bayview all the way up to the end and find a park. Please check out the map above (see top left of the map at the end of Bayview Rd) to avoid any confusion.

Time: 9:00 (likely to be around 3 hours round trip)

What to bring: Water, camera, a warm top, some snacks, sweets, coffee etc etc.

Four Legged Athletes: Dogs are allowed!!

Post hike vibe: The Deck, just down the road!!!

The weather looks good for Sunday topping 21 degrees and CLEAR UNDER AFRICAN SKIES!!!! See everyone on Sunday!!



Monday, May 21, 2007

Wet elephant!

Well this weekend saw a huge storm roll through the Cape, conditions were not at all favourable on the mountains.

A very wet elephant

There were no takers for a hike up to the wet elephants eye on Sunday, those people who stayed in bed made the right choice as you can see by the video it was coming down hard!

Congrats to Beef who ran a 3h43 marathon in the wind and the rain! Well done legend!

David "Ten Four Media" Moseley and Alan "Casual Vibes" Sherratt completed their 13km night trail run in fine style, crossing the line in 1h12 not far behind the winners, I'm told that had it not been for some bad directions from a local and a brief encounter with an ostrich they would have come in very close to the top.

Well done athletes, it's becoming increasingly harder to get out there in this weather but it's good to see we still can!

Earn Your Breakfast!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Klein Leeukoppie rises from the mist!!!

A few weeks ago, a group of us marched our way to the top of the Klein Leeukoppie above Llandudno Beach. Despite initial attempts by the rolling mist to ruin a spectacular view, we managed to summit the peak and after some serious chill time, we were spoilt with some amazing views across the Atlantic!

Marching up!!!!



Friday, May 18, 2007

Gazing through the eye of a needle an Elephant

Athletes, this Sunday see's us returning to an EYB favourite - Elephants eye!

Spectacular views from the fire hut en route to the eye!

It is not a long or taxing hike, however it is very rewarding as far as views go, so, again, if you have been away for a while and would like a chilled return to the mountains, this one is for you!

The weather is unfortunately looking shocking for the weekend!! With an 80% chance of rain on both Sat and Sunday, also with warnings of high winds. So they are basically saying that it's going to be raining sideways!! Unfortunately it is not a whole lot of fun being up in Silvermine when it is raning sideways, so if it looks shocking - the hike will not go ahead. Please feel free to call me if it looks so so.

A photo of a wet Elephant - hopefully not on Sunday!

With Al running a night trail run, Beef a marathon and Caro a half marathon, will be flying solo on Sunday morning. Should you need to get hold of me for weather or where do I park information, my number is 082 889 2711, but please be aware that there is NO RECEPTION at the Silvermine Car Park, so you wont be able to contact me around the time of the start of the hike!

Good luck to those slightly more extreme athletes as they set out to EARN on a higher level! Enjoy your time on the legs athletes!

For those of you joining me:

Time: 8:45 meet.

Duration: 2h30mins.

Place: Silvermine car park, drive up Ou Kaapse Weg, as you are nearing the top with the Southern Suburbs on your right hand side, turn right into the main entrance to Silvermine and drive up to a small gate house and kindly pay the gentleman R10 per person. Head straight on up that road (where you will lose cell phone reception) until you reach a car park, park and look for Riche!

What to bring: WARM TOPS!! Coffee and snacks for the cave! Camera!
View from inside the cave!

Hopefully see you there!!

If not have a great weekend! Get out and EARN in some way or another!


Earn Your Breakfast!!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cecilia Celebration

Family Kodak Moment

Mother's Day saw 13 plus 5 Athletes take to Cecilia Forest with great Family stride early Sunday morning. A beautiful Cape Town Autumn day awaited us as we took a very gentle stroll along the jeep tracks to Constantia Nek and then back towards the car park. There was much excitement from our four legged athletes as they took to the forest, and the walk saw some solitary time for our Godfather La Riche, as he tried to calm one extremely excited and vicious staffie...otherwise known as The Goose!!

Thanks for making the effort to come out on such a beautiful morning with your moms and dogs in tow, was lovely to share the day with you and hope the rest of your Mother's Day was well celebrated and enjoyed!

See you out there again this weekend!

The Godfather tries to tame the The Goose


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day Stroll

Family Kodak moments

This Sunday EYB will be celebrating Mother's Day with a gentle stroll through the Cecilia Plantation! We thought it would be a great idea to get your Mom's out for a Sunday stroll so we have organised a short, easy walk so that converstaion and bonding can abound in plenty!

So spread the word amoung your family and friends and lets make it a Family Day out on the mountains for all to enjoy. We will Begin at the Cecilia Forest parking lot and take a gentle walk towards Constantia Nek and then double back along the top path and back down to the gate. It should be no more than 2 hours maximum, so there will be plenty of time to take your moms out afterwards for a spoiling breakfast at your preferred choice!

What better way to spend Mother's Day, than on our mountains.....!!

What Date: Sunday, 13th May

What time: 9am Start so try and get there a little earlier so we can gather and head up the hill by nine.

Where do I park: At the Cecilia Forest parking lot on Rhodes Drive.

Post Hike:
We will leave this up to individual choice, you can take your moms out to your chosen breakfast destination! Best book your tables early, as its normally a bumper full day in restuarants across the Cape! A group of us will be heading to Cafe Roux in Norrdhoek but will leave it up to everyone to make there own choices and bookings!

So spread the word Athletes and lets get some MOMS and families on the mountains for a morning of fresh air and quality family EYB Adventure time!



Thursday, May 03, 2007

Athletes take on the Little Lion


Troops have been scattered far and wide over the past few weeks with various commitments, but this weekend sees a perfect opportunity to get ourselves back on the mountains on a completely new EYB mission!

This Sunday's mission though is short and sweet and should provide some sensational views. We've spent many a FAMM morning and Sunday morning marching to the top of the mighty Lion's Head in the City Bowl, so we thought it appropriate to start off the winter season with a short but cheeky little climb up Klein Leeukoppie (Little Lion's Head) overlooking the beautiful Llandudno Beach.

Where do I Park: The hike starts on Victoria Rd (main coastal rd that stretches from Camps Bay all the way towards Hout Bay) on the saddle between the turn-off to Llandudno and the famous Suikerbossie heading down into Hout Bay.

What Time: 9am

Estimated Hike Time: 2 hours - this is a first for EYB, but there should be plenty of time to chill out at the summit.

What to bring: Warm top, picnic goods, water, tea, etc etc....friends, dogs etc etc.

C'moooooon athletes, this is a short one that will hopefully get some troops back on the mountains... anyone is welcome!!



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