Friday, May 18, 2007

Gazing through the eye of a needle an Elephant

Athletes, this Sunday see's us returning to an EYB favourite - Elephants eye!

Spectacular views from the fire hut en route to the eye!

It is not a long or taxing hike, however it is very rewarding as far as views go, so, again, if you have been away for a while and would like a chilled return to the mountains, this one is for you!

The weather is unfortunately looking shocking for the weekend!! With an 80% chance of rain on both Sat and Sunday, also with warnings of high winds. So they are basically saying that it's going to be raining sideways!! Unfortunately it is not a whole lot of fun being up in Silvermine when it is raning sideways, so if it looks shocking - the hike will not go ahead. Please feel free to call me if it looks so so.

A photo of a wet Elephant - hopefully not on Sunday!

With Al running a night trail run, Beef a marathon and Caro a half marathon, will be flying solo on Sunday morning. Should you need to get hold of me for weather or where do I park information, my number is 082 889 2711, but please be aware that there is NO RECEPTION at the Silvermine Car Park, so you wont be able to contact me around the time of the start of the hike!

Good luck to those slightly more extreme athletes as they set out to EARN on a higher level! Enjoy your time on the legs athletes!

For those of you joining me:

Time: 8:45 meet.

Duration: 2h30mins.

Place: Silvermine car park, drive up Ou Kaapse Weg, as you are nearing the top with the Southern Suburbs on your right hand side, turn right into the main entrance to Silvermine and drive up to a small gate house and kindly pay the gentleman R10 per person. Head straight on up that road (where you will lose cell phone reception) until you reach a car park, park and look for Riche!

What to bring: WARM TOPS!! Coffee and snacks for the cave! Camera!
View from inside the cave!

Hopefully see you there!!

If not have a great weekend! Get out and EARN in some way or another!


Earn Your Breakfast!!


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