Monday, May 21, 2007

Wet elephant!

Well this weekend saw a huge storm roll through the Cape, conditions were not at all favourable on the mountains.

A very wet elephant

There were no takers for a hike up to the wet elephants eye on Sunday, those people who stayed in bed made the right choice as you can see by the video it was coming down hard!

Congrats to Beef who ran a 3h43 marathon in the wind and the rain! Well done legend!

David "Ten Four Media" Moseley and Alan "Casual Vibes" Sherratt completed their 13km night trail run in fine style, crossing the line in 1h12 not far behind the winners, I'm told that had it not been for some bad directions from a local and a brief encounter with an ostrich they would have come in very close to the top.

Well done athletes, it's becoming increasingly harder to get out there in this weather but it's good to see we still can!

Earn Your Breakfast!


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