Thursday, January 11, 2007


FAMM time again and i think its only write to start with looking at exactly what FAMM is and what it is meant to be... from the archives of the God Father Beef himself:

is obviously a lot shorter than the Sunday vibe keeping it at a maximum time of about 1 hour. It is slightly more aimed at a jog where possible, but we really have had a big range of people and some are fitter than others! Generally if there is any kind of incline then there are always those who will walk/ hike it rather than jog it! Most of our routes so far have had a flat/ downhill section to end with so we normally jog it in -but again not at any blinding pace at all! There are also those who have time constraints and for them they turn back when appropriate - the routes will never get you lost!!!
Its a great platform to actually get into some jogging as some people have mentioned before!
And just remember - unless an athlete specifically states that they will be leaving early or whatever... we'll never leave a fellow athlete behind!!!"

To start the year off on a good note, LIONS HEAD will be summitted. Please invite anyone you want to, will be a nice chilled one this week to start the year off on a gentle note. The more the merrier, so spread the word.

When: 5:45am - should be down by 7:15ish

Where to park: Meet at the car park at the bottom of the lions head start. Right off Kloof Rd onto the signal hill road and its about 200m up on the right.

Afterwards we will grace the Vida on Kloof for a bit of breakie… apparently they experienced a bad Christmas season due to the lack of EYB visits over the Xmas season.

See you all there.


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