Monday, October 30, 2006

FAMM sees record number of Debutants take to the mountains

View of Lions Head from The Woodstock Cave

Where's Cape Town

What a Vibe

After only 3 weeks of being live on the mountains of Cape Town, FAMM'S numbers soared to new heights as 18 + 2 keen morning athletes attacked Woodstock Cave. What an awesome turn out guys! Friday morning started with a few early sms’s clogging the network as athletes ran late along the chicanes of Table Mountain. One saw a blur of red Ferrari’s, silver bullets and Charlize Theron's minis speed their way around the mountain as they made the way to the starting line. After receiving a fair amount of abuse, the Gadget King himself was parked at the front and geared up by 5:30am while others phoned frantically complaining of the long and windy road....

After gathering the swollen group of athletes, Come Back Kid, AKA Haroun led the way, as we even managed to start with a slight jog. Great to have you back and a part of FAMM CBK! There was a moment where I didn't think you'd make it as your petrol gauge dangled dangerously in the red zone!

The weather played its part and the sunrise provided us with a much needed distraction as we attacked the sneaky hills of Tafelberg Rd. Before we knew it the jogging came to a sudden halt as we spotted our route marker that lead the ascent to the cave. Legs were put into action and banter surprisingly continued as we headed up the rocky path.

A few athletes with Post Hike Work Traffic Constraints (PHWTC) kept a time check and said their sad farewells before making the final summit. Not long after did we all reach The Place of Conception of the Ever Growing EYB Global Community - The Woodstock Cave. It wasn't hard to see where our leaders got their inspiration from, as the awesome views of the city spread before us along with the early morning rays.

One of our new recruits, Hot Dog Man's FLA showed us where to find the best rain water in the cave as he happily slurped up freshly caught rain drops from a conveniently left out bucket. As we caught a few glares from the awoken cave's inhabitants, a record time VAVT was had as the buildings and highways called for us to start the working day. Finishing up the photo shoots of Dallas, Hot Dog FLA and Suza we made our way back down The Yellow Brick Rd and jogged it back in to our waiting cars.

VAVT at its Best

Dallas and new recruit FLA

Luckily for all athletes, the cars were still there on our return, as our very own global leader's car was happily sitting unlocked for the duration of the morning run! One car definitely wasn't heading out to Vida at breaking speed, due to a moment of morning blur, a FAMM recruit had locked his keys in the car. Do not fear though, Camel Man was close by and managed to put some Forest Cellphone Action Vibe (FCAV) into action and a locksmith was awoken from his dreams to come to the rescue of FAMM.

A mini PHV was had with TIF and muffins before heading back along the chicanes and down to our morning sponsor of caffeine and model scouts. The never failing Vida was packed to the hilt with slick city dwellers hoping to catch a glimpse of the infamous group of athletes that are creating a buzz around the city.

A leisurely coffee and breakfast were had by some while others grabbed a "to go" and joined the throng of cars heading to work. Rumour has it that some FAMM athletes were spotted there way into the morning tucking into a newly released bottle of Elgin wine.....

A Special Vida Moment

Another AWESOME morning out on the mountains, great to see the FAMM community growing every week. Thanks to Le Riche for playing navigator and choosing what will become a regular FAMM route! Hopefully see you all and more on the mountains this coming Friday to EARN YOUR WEEKEND!


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