Thursday, October 19, 2006

Introducing Friday Morning Madness (FAMM)


After much negotiation around a certain “It’s Saturday night in the Piketberg” video, I have played the bigger hand and been formally invited to join the EYB blogging team. And what an honour it is to have my name printed next to the likes of legends Bernard, AKA Beef and Dave, AKA La Riche. I hope that video was worth it!

Extending the “Create Your Own Reality” theme, a few have gathered to start a Friday AM Morning Madness (FAMM) vibe! Depending on the elements at play we meet before sunrise for a sneaky hike/run depending on Individual Fitness Vibe (IFV). The Lions head route last Friday set the tone for what is set to be a great way to start the weekend for the upcoming summer. VAVT is limited due to Post Hike Traffic Work Vibe (PHTWV) but there always seems to be time for a well-earned PHV, may it be playing out of your boot or a cheeky cuppa at Vida.

That said this week’s FAMM is to hit the Southern Suburb routes and take on Moss’s Waterfall. CFT will be leading the way along with Smasher’s GPS, as a hike just isn’t the same without it!

Time: 5:45 sharp…..La Riche, that means minus a headache for you!

Where do I park (WDIP)?: Cecilia Forest, Rhodes Drive (bring car guard change)

FLA Friendly : Only Spence is welcome to this one, he needs no introduction as the coolest Traffic dog known to the mountains. (he has socialising issues, hence the limited dog spaces on this hike)

What to bring: your FAMM vibe

PHV: Spence is carrying the coffee and Caro is bringing morning muffins.

Can’t wait to get out there, look forward to seeing you on the mountains to.....



1 comment:

Beef said...

Sensational opener!! Awesome to have a like minded vibemaster in the game! I look forward to it!!
See ya tomorrow!

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