Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sunday's Tranquility MAGIC!!

Athletes, athletes, athletes, what a vibe!!!

Sunday the 22nd of October will go down in the EYB archives as a date
on which the vibe soared to record highs. Inspirational Cape Town
weather-guru Caro Fisher organized sensational conditions for the
troops which saw 24 and 2 athletes arrive at the base of the mighty 12
apostles on the upper edges of Camps Bay!

By 9am, 20 and 2 super-pumped athletes were ready to put foot on the pedal, but were kept in neutral by the late arrival of the 4 eventual
Balloon Award recipients. After a brief disciplinary hearing and some
Mohawk Exposure Vibe (MEV), all was forgiven and the day kicked into full gear.

24 and 2 EYB Athletes

Cam, CBFZ, and Pix

From the start, the route quickly swept us up and onto the pipe track
which kept the troops content and wildy (increased MEV) entertained
with great conversation, awesome views, and a vibe that was brewing
with intensity.

The pipe track snaked its way along the apostles and took us through
some amazing indegenous forests with a few cheeky little ups and downs. We contoured through the spectacular Woody and Slangolie Ravines before arriving at the base of our awesome ascent up the magical Corridor Ravine.


Migs taking care of TANA, his inspirational FLA regular!

At this point PROPER 'earn your' action kicked in!! The inspirational
banter that was no doubt taking place slowly but surely vanished, only
to be replaced by the awesome sound of 24 and 2 athletes grinding their
way up through the spectacular ravine.

The only sounds eminating from the pack of determined athletes was the
occasional 'Re-group please!!' holler which would bring a welcome rest to our burning legs and roaring hearts!! The Kaasenova has vouched to never hike again on the back of a Red Bull extravaganza the night before..."I promise it was only the Red Bull!".

Tranquility and Serenity in the Corridor Ravine

Final burst up Corridor!

The VIBE hitting all time highs!

Finally arriving at the top of the Ravine, we took a short break to
re-group before Warren, fresh off the Tiger Tiger dancefloor, led us off into the amazing world of the Tranquility Cracks!! After a short detour off the main apostles path we arrived at the Cracks which in no uncertain terms proceeded to once again shut the troops up... this time though was due to the spectacular view and VAVT spot that greeted us on the other side!

Warren the HATT Award victor - couldn't put a foot wrong!

The KAAS leading the vibe in the CRACKS!

Photos could possibly do it justice, words may come closer...but for those who were up there on Sunday morning, it was a special experience and a truly amazing vibe that will not be forgotten!
It has got to be one of the best VAVT (View Appreciation Vibe Time) spots in the Cape Mountains, and full advantage was taken by all EYB athletes. Warren proceeded to raise the vibe to a whole new level...kicked off his dancing shoes, and with little or no regard for his own safety, strung up his hammock for the ultimate chill out session!!

Tranquility Cracks

Warren contemplating his 4am Tiger antics! WHAT A VIBE!

Strawberry delight!

VAVT - out of this world!

Jonty spreading AURA!!

Sue 'Play Pause' Koller - never a dull moment!!

We eventually decided to pack up and head back down the mountain via
the bone crunching Woody Ravine. This decent proved to be a serious workout for the troops, and the party vibe hit fever pitch with some 'disco legs'(DL's) providing some much-needed entertainment. Needless to say, everyone was stoked to have decended down a spectacular ravine, but even more pleased to give the DL's a much needed rest!!


Debutant Amber playing out of her boots down Woody Ravine!

The smell of pizza and beer then seemed to accelerate the pace somewhat back towards the car park with Jonty, Caro, CFT and Erica in full flight!! From all accounts, Erica, hungry for the PHV, struck a speed wobble at full tilt (apparently also trying to fit in some view appreciation) around a closing bend and couldn't hold her line.

Needless to say she picked up a few scrapes on her arms, a rippt pant,
a dusty pant and a 'soooooore' knee - soon to be forgotten of course a
few hours into the PHV... we wish you a speedy recovery:)!! The CFT with her spanking new trail shoes had no problems negotiating the tight bends, and decided she would carry on running (run forest) to a prior engagement!

Awesome awesome day out on the mountains! Special mention must also go to our two debutants Colin and Richard who caught wind of the EYB wave of vibe through our friends at Splattermail. It was great to see you guys taking on the initiative to join the vibe... hopefully it will inspire others to join in the fun! EYB is growing into a global community of like-minded athletes who believe in getting out there and enriching their lives with the 'Earn Your' philosophy! Colin and Richard... top effort chaps!!

Mission Completed!!

The PHV took us to the newly revamped La Med. With space at a premium, we only managed to secure one table, so instead thought it appropriate to balance things out with 10 buckets of heineken... we definately earned it!! One table soon became two, three, four... global domination!! Obviously full respect went to our fellow comrades enjoying a sunday arvo beverage. Pizza's soon followed and the PHV kicked into full swing.

Beef handing over the HATT AWARD - Warren you beauty!!

Dismal BALLOON AWARD recipients!

Mr and Mrs VIBE!!

What hike? What sweat?

A DJ was also spinning out some very chilled beats to keep us all on the vibe. It's pretty hard to describe the unbelievable nature of the PHV from sunday, but after an epic 4 and half hours in some of the world's most beautiful mountains, kicking back with a well-earned beer and with some awesome company was out of this world!!I'll let the photos above and below tell the rest of the story!

PHV into overdrive

'We are NOT leaving!!!'

'Caro, we are only staying for 1 drink - that's it!'

What vibe?

Contemplating meeting the parents!!

What hike?

TANA, gazing into the EYB FLA future!


Mr and Mrs VIBE looking after Erica's injuries!

Beef and Mrs Vibe

PROPER VIBE - Monday... what's that??

Athletes, all I can say is INSPIRATIONAL... no need for more!!!


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Moses said...

The Best PHV Ever. Another ripper all round. All I can say is that either the Monya Shark's dad thinks i'm utterly bonkers, or just a guy who loves a beer or 11 on a Sunday. Over.

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