Tuesday, October 10, 2006

EYB Australia kicks off!!!!

Tamworth - Australia

Endeavor Drive

A kangaroo just to prove it is in Aus

Michelle in the centre with her troops at the PHV - awesome!!
EYB AUS heading up some gradient

Team EYB AUS enjoying some VAVT


It's been awesome to see how the vibe among the Earn Your athletes has grown around Cape Town. We've had 15 hikes in 17 weeks, over a 100 people on the mountain and a one hike record of 41.

The vibe has been incredible and has started generating interest outside of hiking. Earn Your Draught is a small mountain running group that put in some serious training before this years Table Mountain Challenge.

There was also the massive Earn Your Clanwilliam Triathlon vibe which saw 19 individual and 24 team triathletes competing in the Clanwilliam Triathlon, the spin offs from that have seen athletes in the pool, on the bike and hitting road in preparation for the Energade triathlon in Gordon's bay on the 12th of November.

Not to mention the Earn Your Graperun and Earn Your New York Marathon banter.

What this post is really about though is an inspirational individual who has been rallying the student troops away on placement in the small town Tamworth, Australia and spreading the EYB mind set. One of Riche's 2003 london work/digs/drinking/tubetrain mates and now EYB Australia (NSW) leader Michelle Roach sent the above photo's in from one of their recent hikes, complete with PHV (post hike vibe) and VAVT (view appreciation vibe time). I'm told regular EYB hikes are being set up back at Newcastle Uni once the placement is over.

Michelle we envisage a global community of people earning, whether it be hiking, marathons, triathlons, anything that relates to someone getting off their asses and doing something that enriches them, and the more people we can get spreading the vibe and the mind set the better.

So thanks so much for doing just that and getting people to earn their breakfast. The global community is growing rapidly, and it's phenomenal to be a part of it.

Keep the photo's and stories coming in!!

CONTACT US: earnyourbreakfast@gmail.com

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