Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Earn Your New York Marathon 2007 - Athletes wasting no time!!!!

Riche and Doorsy earning an early Cape Town Breakfast!!!

INSPIRATIONAL Cape Town Morning!!!

What Marathon???


This morning saw a small bus of EYB'ers hit the roads of Newlands to get some time on the legs for the Grape Run, which takes place on the 29th of this month. Beef, Riche and inspirational marathon-man Doorsy Backhouse sprinted out at a blinding pace at 6:15am for a gentle 45-minute loop. Cape Town (pre-45km/h South Easter forecasted for today) was looking unbelievable this morning and laid a platform for some social banter about next years New York Extravaganza.

While powering through the middle stages of our run, and resting at the Newlands Avenue robots, we were descended upon by no other than the Big Wig at GUST MAG, Janet Lightbody!

Check out the vibe at

Janet, with little or no regard for her own safety, pulled over to offer some supportive banter on the sidelines for the EARN YOUR NEW YORK MARATHON 2007 athletes!! Janet is an extreme kitesurfing athlete who will no doubt be doing some serious earning during the upcoming summer months... Thanks for the support JL!!! EYB... LYV!!!

Some inspiration from the marathon-man…

"It's all a mindset thing...this getting up early vibe!!" - Doorsy Backhouse

Have a top week athletes!!!


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