Monday, September 11, 2006

EYB Athletes Summit Lion's Head!!!!!

Lion's Head... Where??????
'SUPER SMASH' Hatt Award Victor!!!
26 and 0 (FLA's)!!
'Debutant... what????' - BALLOON AWARD!!!!

DEBUTANTS Spreading Proper Vibe!!!


Once again, Sunday delivered a vibe that was sensational in so many ways. On a day which saw the weatherman get it horribly wrong, 26 and 0 (FLA's) Athletes rocked up at the Kloof Nek Car Park under glorious blue african skies. An inspiring group of Debutants (9 and 1) joined the growing EYB community and wasted no time in dominating the vibe!!

On a dissapointing note, a few famous seasoned EYB athletes were missing from Sunday's festivities due to the unfortunate events on sunday morning at the Bay! The Boys-from-the Bay had their digs broken into and were forced to do some CSI work to make sense of it all. The Bay is an esteemed playground for the 4 top-class chaps that occupy its shores, and there is no doubt that there WILL be a huuuuooooj comeback in the near future!!! You buggers were missed!!

Back on the mountain, 26 athletes summited Lion's Head via the clockwise Lion's Head Pipe Track Trail. Ever alert was Gadget-King-Duffet with his GPS facilities carefully keeping an eye on the route choice. His Salomon Boot and avalanche kit kept us all feeling secure in the extreme environment and potentially dangerous conditions! With Cape Union Mart sales topping the charts this month, Simon was the proud winner of this week's HATT AWARD for unbelievable dedication towards the EYB vibe!! Caro (previous HATT AWARD winner) will no doubt be in a position next week to hand over the official award!!

Lucky to escape this week and a potential nomination for both the HATT and BALLOON AWARDS (could justify both), was Charlie who 'wisely/not-so' decided that on his debut hike he would test his abilities with a screaming hangover on board!! I reckon the HATT AWARD would have been the more fitting considering the tremendous effort to summit on a pretty hot day!!!

The BALLOON AWARD this week was a 'no-brainer' with one of our amazing 10 debutants not fully realising that she WAS indeed a 'DEBUTANT'!! Not entirely understanding the meaning of her newly aquired status, she unfortunately missed out on the group shot, but the camera eventually caught up with Claudia's unbelievable performance!!! Simply brilliant BALLOON AWARD pose!!!!

The views during this hike were truly spectacular all round and Monique, another HATT AWARD contender was caught maximizing the summit vibe by climbing to literally the highest point on the mountain... competition is fierce nowadays!!!!!!!!!

The PHV took us to a newly revamped La Med, and an awesome vibe was enjoyed by all!! It's amazing to have so many new athletes joining the EYB community and experience such positive energy!! From the ladies' point of view, we're still a little thin on the ratio's... c'moooon boys - still seems to be some lazy kids out there!!

Welcome again to all the new debutants!!!!

Another awesome day out!!!


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Angelina Jolie said...

I am not so sure if Charlie was the ONLY wise/not so wise person with a screaming hangover on the mountain? Not so, Grumpy Beef? (not to be confused with the more famous counterpart, Grumpy Beer.

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