Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This Sunday saw the running of the Outsurance GUN RUN 21km Half Marathon and 10km Fun Run. My apologies go out to the following athletes who failed to get a mention in the pre-race build-up:

The Cowie Pie

The Salamanda
The Doors Factor
Sue 'Play Pause' Koller
Bron and Tiger

The weather turned out to be rather special as all the athletes at the start of both the 10km and the 21km created a festive pre-race vibe. Sally, Kyle, Doorsy, Bronwyn, Dave Moir the Destroyer, and ‘Play-Pause’ Sue Koller showed an awesome effort in successfully completing the 10km, while Beef, the Kaas, and Ten Four Moses all had good 21km races!! Kyle's boet Brad and his girlfriend Karen were also down from Pretoria and competed in the 10km fun run! Top effort guys!!!

Unfortunately the Debbie Dermanator could not compete due to an injury she sustained to her tonsils – Rumour has it that a quiet 3am drink and a hot dog on the way home is all you need to make a full recovery… Glad you feeling better Debs!!!

If anyone has recently spotted The Grumpy Kid (TGK), please let us know as he needs to urgently collect his BALLOON AWARD for his shocking behaviour and committment on the weekend!! TGK will no doubt want to rectify his poor form in the near future... rumour has it, this athlete's natural extreme abilities make him deadly on the comeback!!

The pumped, Dave ‘Ten Four’ Moseley extreme athlete smashed his PB time and goal of a sub 100-minute half marathon by 3 mintues and came in with a smokin’ 1h37min! His 6am texts of ‘cmoooooon’, and ‘earn you GUN RUN’ were inspirational to say the least and set him up for a great race!

Beef and the Kaas were running strongly together till about 9km when the Kaas understandably dropped his fellow athlete to come in with an unbelievable 1h27min. Beef realised that in Kaas’ current form... to talk, breathe, run, and maintain such a queeeeek pace would not be sustainable over 21km without sustaining multiple organ failure. Beef gathered some momentum in the closing stages to come in with a 1h34min time.

Special mention must go to the inspirational support given by two very special EYB Athletes, Simon 'Smash' Duffett and David 'Rooster Le Riche' Riches!! They have been die-hard supporters through many an event, and the support they gave on Sunday was truly world class!! Both the above-mentioned athletes have started to taper off on their training for Clanwilliam - check out all the VIBE that is about to unfold in the mighty Clanwilliam this weekend!!!!!

It's a kinda magic!!!

All in all, a great effort by all the EYB athletes involved!! Well done!!



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