Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge Report

Saturday the 16th saw 78 teams and 201 individual athletes line up for the start of the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge.

There was a huge buzz in the crowd as the athletes prepared for the epic challenge ahead.

After a minutes silence was observed for the late Lindsay Weight, the atmosphere boiled over and athletes were lead off by a whistle wielding Superman.

There was a fantastic EYB turnout on the mountain. Special thanks to Simon "Smasher" Duffett who came out from start to finish to support and photograph the event, also to Sarah "MMM" George who lead the Mountain Milers to not only an EYB victory but a category victory as the miler's placed first the Mixed 2 category (2 Girls + 1 Guy).

Nick Cotze stepped up to the plate at the last minute to fill in for Jason Elley who had to withdraw due to work commitments. Nick ran a solid third leg (2h56m45s) on the back of quick first and second legs by Caroline (0h55m32s)and Nikki (1h19m06s).

The Mountain Goats had a moment of worry as Mariam was no where to be seen with 20mins to the start, there were fears that she had slipped back into a gentle sleep following her 30th the night before. But those worries were soon cast aside as Mariam pulled through with flying colours and completed the grueling first leg in 1h05m57s followed by Riche (1h22m56s) and Quayles Ales (3h05m47s). Huge effort from Quayles Ales as he caught up to extreme athlete Beef who was experiencing some major cramping issues and the pair ran in it together.

Beef was looking stronger than ever with a 55min first leg and a 1h09m second, before the cramp got into his legs on top of Llandudno corner, he fought through the epic third leg in 3h30m to come home 34th rambo male and 46th overall.

David "ten four" Moseley ran the first two legs in fine style, 55m08s and 1h19m32s respectively, finishing second amongst the rambo males who ran the first two legs.

Miranda Symons also had a fantastic run, with her partner in crime Keryn Foster. The pair ran in 5th and 6th positions in the rambo ladies and 65th and 66th overall.

An AWESOME day out was had by all! Truly inspiring to see so many athletes out on the mountain for what I was told is now the biggest adventure race in the country. A special event to be a part of.

Lastly big thanks to Kyle, Sal, Matt, Kaas and Amber for turning out in support of the athletes.

Well done guys.


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Moses said...

I just want to thank Nikki Pix for bringing me home on Saturday morning on that 2nd leg. Tremendous running. Over.

Anonymous said...

Nikki Pix said...
I would just like to congratulate
Moses for the Hatt Award .Tremendous effort on Sunday morning.Well Done ..Over

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