Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sunday Hike - 10th Sep - LIONS HEAD!!!

Lion's Head in glorious summer sunshine!!

Sunday's Summit!

Fellow EYB Athletes...

This week's hike will definately be a whole lot shorter than the Vlakkies Epic last Sunday, and its good to bring the vibe back into the City Bowl for a change of scenery! An 'EYB EPIC' is likely to become a monthly event in order to stretch the legs a little for those who are keen! These hikes hope to be no tougher than some of the previous hikes but may stretch on for a bit longer!! It's an awesome vibe to be out there for a big one... the breakfast/lunch/late arvo dinner is huuuuuuoooooooj and well deserved!!!!

Hopeful views on Sunday will include Clifton-Camps Bay-Table Mountain-Apostles-Sea Point-Signal Hill-City Bowl and as far as the naked eye can see over the Cape Flats!! Lion's Head is probably fairly familiar to most, so it would be good to get as many out there as possible!!

Sunday's route will start at the Kloof Nek Car Park. We'll cross the road, dip below Kloof Road for a while, continuing down through the plantation. We'll eventually cross back over Kloof road to hook up with the Lion's Head Pipe Track which will lead us up/down/up and around Bantry Bay/Sea Point side of the mountain. From there we'll take the path up and around to summit at 669m!! The views from the top are truly spectacular and well worth the climb!! We'll then decend down the jeep track towards the Signal Hill Road car park, and walk the short distance back to the Kloof Nek car park!!

It's hopefully going to be around 3 hrs, depending on stops and Vibe Time (VT) at the summit!

Meet Time:
8:45am - Kloof Nek Car Park (immediately on your left as you turn off Kloof Nek Road towards the Cable Station). Sunday also sees the running of the Cape Town Marathon. Those coming from the southern suburbs should take De Waal Drive instead of Eastern Blvd, to avoid the road closures that are in place in the city center. The marathon heads out onto the flats through Pinelands, so shouldn't pose too many problems.

The hike is fairly open so plenty of sunscreen, hat, water, chow, coffee, tea, croissants, sweets, ham, cheese, graters (Doors), blankets, pillows, torches (Doors... you never know!), warm tops, umbrella's, wet weather gear (cannot ever see there not being a hike/vibe), and anything else that adds to a great morning out!!!!!!

Four Legged Athletes (FLA's):
Unfortunately the last climb to the summit is not really that dog friendly, and it's not recommended by the Parks Board. 'Tiger Tiger' could probably fit in your pocket Bron, but any animal bigger would probably struggle. For those who would still like to come along and bring your FLA's, there is an option in the route to continue on along the jeep track and skip out the summit, but thats up to you guys. We prefer to keep the group together but we could always plan to meet up later at the proposed PHV (unlikely to be FLA-friendly)!!!

Possibly not as peachy as some weekends, but it looks alright... CYOR!!!!

Not being a TOWN local I will be happy with a collective decision at the summit!!!

Awesome... rumour has it that some old faces will be back in action on Sunday!!!

Cannot wait!!!!!



Moses said...

As the resident Town local I can highly recommend Greens in Tamberskloof for the PHV. Awesome outdoor vibe. Unless it's windy.

Beef said...

Tremendous...a man with vision and determination!!!!
Earn you breakfast not your salary this weekend????

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