Monday, September 04, 2006

Constantia Neck, Constantiaberg Mast, Blackburn Ravine

Caro the birthday girl, Miranda and Abi
Nikki Pix and Riche in the elements
Three fingers at the mast
Artistic vibe, with Ben in the background

Jenna pointing at the vibe!!!

Athletes, Sunday the 3rd of September saw a number of spectacular events take place on the mountain.

We arrived at the Chapman's Peak toll plaza shortly after 8am to HOWLING winds and questions as to whether the hike would actually go ahead.

Caro, one EYB athlete was celebrating her birthday and in an attempt to make it a little more special the captains organised a number of animal making clown balloons and one rather special helium happy birthday foil balloon.

Unfortunately the above mentioned wind got hold of the one rather special helium happy birthday foil balloon and whipped it across Hout Bay before it could be attached to Caro's backpack, she did however manage to catch a fleeting glimpse as it disappeared.

The remaining animal making clown balloons were made into bangles, necklaces and backpack decoration and were presented to Caro to the tune of happy birthday (1).

14 athletes, Tanna, Manor and a-Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna set off at about 9am, and made their way up and over the Vlakenberg, stopping intermittently for more happy birthday singing (2,3 & 4) and spectacular view appreciation.

Abi, Migg's, Tanna and Manor had to turn round at the top of the Vlakenberg due to prior arrangements and they departed to the tune of happy birthday (5)!!

The rest of the team made their way up to the Constantiaberg mast, battling the elements, chasing flying caps, forming a rope chain, clapping for fellow athletes who were climbing to the mast by wheel and so much more. Once at the mast we found shelter from the wind and enjoyed Rooibos tea, coffee, apples, zuuuooooomfing of cup cakes, chocolate chip ham and cheese croissants and another rendition of happy birthday (6).

We then made our way down the Hout Bay side of the Constantiaberg to the top of the Blackburn Ravine, and began the epic winding descent. The descent wasn't without incident as a-Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna decided at one stage that a little ladder half way down just wasn't for her, she promptly rooted paw and refused to move, not even a smacker snack could entice her down.

In the end, smash had to pass the 45kg ridgeback to Beef who passed her to Riche in the 'sack of potatoes position' and Jenna was lowered down to touch paw with much loved soil once again.

We made our way back down to the cars, some opting to jog it in, after a truly EPIC five and a half hour journey of beauty, laughter and happy birthdays (7,8 & 9)!

All in all a spectacular hike, with views to every corner of the peninsula.

The PHV (post hike vibe) took place at the very accommodating Dunes in Hout Bay where a couple of WELL EARNED drinks and snacks were enjoyed.

The HATT AWARD (for phenomenal effort) was presented, as was the new BALLOON AWARD (for having a shocker)! More on those in the award post. Finally happy birthday was sung to Caro one last time (10)!

It was the EYB's 10th hike in 11 weekends, so the first little milestone, of hopefully many more to come, was reached.

On a quick stats note, we've now had 67 different athletes and 10 four legged athletes hiking over the 10 hikes, with a one hike record of 35 and 6. We've spent a total of 32 hours on the mountain, had 5 different HATT AWARD recipients 2 joint BALLOON AWARD recipients and who knows how many laughs?!!!?

It's been tremendous to see the effort and enthusiasm of all involved and to have met so many quality like minded people along the way.



Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Thanks for one of my most memorable Birthdays ever!!! What a day and what a hike. Loved every minute of it and just such an awesome day with great people! Shot for all the balloons...well not all of them...and for all the singing, laughs and cupcakes! Great day!
Look forward to the next one
Love Caro

CFT said...

Hey Anonymous,
Was the BEST hike so far!!! We had people falling, weeing in bushes, carrying dogs, moaning, munching, singing, clapping, smelling bums (thanks Jenna), revving their cars (dunes bitch in the white car), spilling of water over dunes floor (thanks Jenna). Mary Poppins (aka Neil Quale) avoiding a "chunder" in the bushes (thanks for sparing us).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous bday chick...
Thank goodness monday is nearly over, being a chef after a day of hiking is a killer on the legs! Bring on the massage!

NJQ said...

Settle CFT. It wasn't quite like that. Yip, great Vibe

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