Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sandy Bay Festivities!!

Pre-Hike Vibe!!

Man and Pooch!

CLICK HERE to check out all the photos from SUNDAY!!!

Sunday saw 28 like-minded EYB athletes choosing to wake up and head down towards the Sandy Bay car park in Llududno. It was amazing to see some old faces returning to the vibe, and to see so many new debutants willing and keen to earn their breakfast!

After a brief FLA/pooch socializing session, we headed off towards the Oudeschip along the very gentle contour path. The FLA's (four legged athletes) were loving the vibe submerging themselves in every pool of water they could find!

After Al and Spence bravely volunteered to take on the duty of 'Tide Watchman/ FLA- watch', we crossed the raging seas to enjoy some VAVT at the point! A brief but challenging climb took us back up and onto the Jeep Track, and put us on level ground for an easy route back towards the cars.

A 'technical' section towards the end saw some amusing attempts to impress the crowds with face plants, bum slides... and brave 'bollamakiesies'! The PHV then took us to the ever popular La Med for some well earned lunch (breakfast really)!! Great Vibe all round!

Great to see so many of us out there on Sunday to take advantage of this amazing city in which we live. Big thumbs up to all the new debutants who joined the vibe!!

See everyone at FAMM this friday, or on the mountains this Sunday! Keep an eye on the site for all the details!


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