Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pipe Dreams

The splendor of our city

Last week saw 7 keen Athletes take to the darkness and attack the ever faithful route of Lion's Head. A gentle pace up for the summit was set by some and then FAMM athletes took downhill extreme running to new levels, as trail shoes branded rock faces, steps, benches and trees, leaving Lion's Head in the dust! Yet another epic morning on the mountain and one that never fails to get one's heart beats and spirits rising!

This week FAMM will take us onto the slopes of Camps Bay where we will enjoy the beginning of the Pipe Track route and the cheeky Diagonal ascent! The weather looks to be a scorcher so views, sunshine and some good running time on the mountains are most certainly guaranteed!

What date: Friday, 23rd February 2007

What route:
We will start from Kloof Nek parking and jump onto the Pipe Track where we will jog along this gentle contour for about 20 minutes before making a cheeky ascent up DIAGONAL GORGE for about 10-15 minutes, or as long as our legs can take the beating! We will then enjoy some view time before heading back down and jogging it in back to the cars where tea and muffins await our arrival.

What time:
5:45am - darkness is slowly creeping in at this hour but it lightens up quickly so we should be able to get a few more weeks of FAMM in before winter takes hold!

Where do I Park:
Kloof Nek parking lot - up Kloof Nek rd, left into the Cable Car rd and its the first, immediate parking on your left.

Four legged Athletes:
Great route for dogs keen for some trail time!

With sunshine and clear skies predicted, the morning calls on all athletes to put on their trail shoes, set their alarms and get ready to Earn Their Weekend in style on our inspiring mountains!

See you out there ATHLETES!!

CONTACT US: earnyourbreakfast@gmail.com

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