Friday, December 15, 2006


The great book of fairy tales has been added to, with Snow White and the 7 Dwarves having developed into a modern day sequel... filled with the requisite excitement, anguish, love, hate and in the end a truelly happy ending.

After the copious amounts of FA, the prince has wisked Snow White off to the secret honeymoon destination in NeverNeverGetOutofBedLand and the dwarves have been left to their own devices. Due to affirmative action, retirement and Jake White being in the selection panel, the Dwarf makeup has changed a tad. The team now consists of:

Leady - Al
Happy - Mrs. Vibe
Newby - Carla
Moany - Mr. Vibe
Surfy - Migs
Legaly - Abi
Smiley - Cynthia

With Moany looking despairingly at the mast and firing off a load of "are we there yet" type questions to Leady... the group sets off to find the Steel at the End of the Cloud. All members hoping to star in Monty Pythons next release, In Search of the Holy View, a brisk pace was set with the 4 FLA's happily leaving their size differences in the car park and eating up the space between us and the lookout point. This is where the fairly tale truely takes shape... Happy living ture to her name, Newby soaking up the vibe, Surfy gazing longingly at the False bay shores, Smiley controling the small dog synfrome FLA and Legaly loving the views..... Leady pushed the troups past the lookout and up to the mast where the spectacular Hout Bay, Noordhoek, False Bay and Southern Suburbs view silnced even the most talkative of the bunch.

This was the peak of the story... the only tribulations being from the road travelled, new love being found in the views, heartache from the fact that we all had to descend to the cruel cruel world and the evil Monday looming even closer.

The route down takes on to the view point looking over Hout Bay and back along a well worn path to the resevoirs. PHV was a well deserved Empire Cafe Feast - HAT award to Moany for making the trek with a serious hangover, BALLOON to leady for not finding out about the 'no wild card, no FLA' rule.

A well worth while story to follow.... 3 hours round trip... unsurpassed views and good times!
Until the next tale...


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