Friday, December 08, 2006

FAMM - gotta love this city!

"No pain, no gain" - whoever said this is an idiot.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder" - pure genius!

You probably wondering what these two seemingly contrasting sayings have to do with this mornings FAMM. Well, lets just say that for some athletes pain and beer were top of mind and last nights festivities took their toll. Huge vibe from all who made it and thanks to Smashers 'Still-tasting-of-tequila' (STOT) camel bak for helping the hungover members of the party feel even worse!

It was an awesome route with mother nature throwing out her full splendour at every VAV point. The FLA's nearly outnumbered the athletes to see a 6+4 party do this incredible route. Will definately be doing this one more often.

For those who didn't make it - please send your official apologies to Seriously though - big up to all who came and we hope those who were kept away due to injury recover soon!

Sunday hike post will go up later..... think EYB Fort.

Lions head has been stamped - the EYB vibe is evident everywhere!
(Yes Abi and Migs, the dog in the pic is Tana)


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