Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa and his Elves summit Lion's Head

What EYB Christmas Spirit?

With Christmas Festivities well under way in the EYB camp, this week's FAMM is set to up the level slightly with what is set to hopefully be, the biggest group of Xmas hats to take to the Cape Mountains! News reporters will be in a reporting frenzy as Santa's elves are spotted all over Lion's Head with vibe vibe vibe! So as 2006 draws to a close we are hoping to make this the biggest FAMM of the year, so bring your husband, wife, FA, neighbour and of course your FLA's and lets paint Lion's Head Red with Christmas Spirit!

What time: 545am, so that the vibe of EYB can step foot on the mountains by 6am at the latest. Please attempt a prompt arrival for this week as we want to try and have a longer VAVT for maximum Elf exposure on the summit!

WDIP: This shouldn't be too hard but for all those new debutants that are set to arrive this week, drive along Signal Hill Rd and park your sleigh at the first parking on your right hand side. I will ensure that there is enough entertainment for the reindeers while we summit!

What to bring: This is a FAMM that requires your A Game so best not to leave it at Carols tonight! Access to the Yellow Brick Rd is only permitted if one is showing some Xmas Spirit, may it be a Santa's hat, reindeer nose or even a Santa Suit! What vibe?

VAVT: The view doesn't get better, the vibe will be enormous, the tea and coffee will be flowing in epic proportions and perhaps Santa will have been kind to us all this year and left us some nibbles by the Xmas Tree....

has created a platform in 2006 for Athletes of all nature to get out there, whether in a team or flying solo, to EARN EARN EARN! The vibe, spirit and shear enthusiasm in which this has all been executed has been pure inspiration. Elements have been faced, FA's lost, gadgets attained, gnomes gone amiss, worries lost on the mountains, routes scouted and then challenged and overall and most importantly experiences shared! So before we all head off to celebrate 2006 with our families near and afar lets build on this platform of vibe and make this one of EYB'S greatest Christmas memories!

If this is what 2006 created, imagine what 2007 will inspire....

See all you Santas, Elves, and Reindeers next to your sleighs tomorrow morning ready to Earn your Christmas!


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