Friday, December 29, 2006

EYB looks back on an inspirational 2006!!

Create Your Own Reality!

Earn Your Breakfast started as a hiking group in Cape Town, South Africa in June 2006.

It was founded with the intention of acting on rather than talking about the awesome outdoors, and all it has to offer us. Living and earning a healthy balanced lifestyle involves a personal choice, and the EYB 'lifestyle' soon inspired others to follow suit. It has evolved spontaneously since its inception and has inspired a vibe that belongs to those who create it. (currently under construction) will be a future channel and forum through which any activity or vibe of healthy proactive living can be shared and broadcasted to those willing to be inspired. EYB encourages and salutes any activity that involves anyone who believes in creating enriching experiences for themselves, no matter how big or small.

As we approach the end of the year and look into the future of an exciting 2007, EYB leaves you with a few closing 2006 inspirational adventures...

*DEVIL'S PEAK SCOUT RUN - Cape Town Summer

Click here to enjoy a full account of an amazing route up Devils Peak with all the photos and info attached!

*ARANGIESKOP 2 DAY EPIC - 01st - 3rd Dec

Overnight Hut

EYB Athletes!

Soaring with the vibe!!!

1700m Arangieskop summit!!

Migs and Abi!

Click here to enjoy a full account of an amazing 2 Day Arangieskop Epic with all the photos...


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