Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FAMM pioneers yet another Lion's Head Route

What route?

Just when we thought all routes, paths, gnomes and rivers had been conquered on the face of Lion's Head, FAMM "scouters" devise yet another epic morning out on the Cape mountains. Weather seems to have it in for FAMM Athletes, as yet another cold front is due to come our way....let this not be a deterrent... but rather let the elements create a internal need to rise early Friday morning, put on some warm athletic gear, drive the chicanes of De Waal Drive and put those legs into action to create another morning of FAMM VIBE!

Its a pretty chilled route that heads out down Kloof Nek Rd and then we jump right onto the mountain and run along the contour path around the base of Lion's Head and up to the Signal Hill Saddle. Depending on VAVT and team fitness we'll jog along the saddle for a few strides before we let the legs hit the tar and then jog it in back to the cars where our morning reward of TIF and muffins awaits us yet again.

What time: 5:45am Sharp

WDIP: Its no surprise that we'll meet yet again in the spacious Klook Nek Carpark. Turn left into the Cable Rd and its immediately on your left.

Does it even need another mention.
Cluedo clue number one: Mr Blue Steel, with the mug, in the red room.

FAMM Athletes have never been shy of the elements so hopefully we'll see you all out there again this Friday for yet another beautiful morning on our mountains, where legs are tested, heart rates lifted,Tuffy is emptied and above all VIBE is shared!!



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