Friday, November 10, 2006

PIPE TRACK provides FAMM with a morning of VIBE

Team FAMM creating Vibe in Camps Bay

A beautiful morning awaited us at Kloof Nek parking lot as 13 + 3 Athletes, including 2 FAMM Debutants, EARNED THEIR WEEKEND by heading along the Pipe Track. Smasher, beating the traffic, welcomed all the Athletes in and "Riche time" seemed to stir up a response from the man himself as he got "taxied in" by Dallas and Congo, although punishment saw him taking to the backseat while Congo went shotgun!

A prompt start followed, as we headed up the stairs and onto the contour and beyond. A SUPERB effort from everyone this morning as all Athletes managed a great run along the path all the way to Diagonal Gorge. Due to the absent King FLA and Camel Man, Kerry managed to stay with the team and not go on the hunt for rodents! A mini VAVT and photo shoot was had before the legs were put into action and the hearts beat that much faster. Up we went with a few grunts from the peanut gallery, and just before the legs started to really burn we called for the morning's VAVT. Lemos and Tuffy made their way around the group, thanks to our trusty suppliers. Before the chill set in from the Cape Doctor we began the descent and jogged it in back along the contour path to the cars.

The morning saw some energetic running, awesome banter, great company, beautiful views and as we say every week...the BEST WAY TO EARN YOUR WEEKEND. It just doesn't get better!

Post Hike Vibe was to be set on the picturesque Camps Bay beach but the Cape Doctor had other plans for us! A windswept beach led to the decision to postpone our swim session and enjoy TIF and muffins in the carpark before heading down to Vida and demanding caffeine and smoked salmon rolls! Lets not mess around guys!

Thanks for coming out Athletes, great to see so many people keen for the vibe at such an early hour! Pure inspiration!!



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