Thursday, November 23, 2006

FAMM takes on the routes of "The West Side"

"The West Side"

With sprained ankles and all, our scout Athletes have carefully chosen this week's FAMM route which will take us back onto the contour paths of Signal Hill, but on the Sea Point/Fresnaye Side...otherwise known as The West Side! We will begin the day's running activities just off Ocean View Drive and head up the hill onto the contour path and gently run our way up the side of the mountain to the base of Lion's Head where, depending on time constraints we'll either run around the base, or take a sharp right at the Blue Gum trees and jog it in along the top of the houses. Some beautiful views, good running time on the legs and a gentle hill to get those heart rates going for the weekend!

What time: 545am sharp...Riche with that new clock of yours we will see you there at dawn!

WDIP: Come along High Level Rd from town - Strand leads into High level Rd - drive quite far along through 2 sets of robots and then at the third set which is Glen Garriff Rd, take a left up the hill and then right into Ocean View Drive. Your second left is Upper Rhine which is a steep dead end rd - put your car into park and start warming up. I'll be there early so look out for the newly branded EYB car!

Seen as though we've made the full effort of coming to the West Side, we'll support the Vida on Somerset Rd where we'll take in the sights and sounds of Green Point. A cheeky TIF and muffins will be had at the cars for those who need to rush into the traffic!

So set your alarm clocks once again, warm up those FAMM legs and get ready for another inspirational morning out on the mountains!

Expected VAVT



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