Friday, November 17, 2006

11 + 2 went up the Hill to see what they could find, and 12 + 3 came down again with VIBE VIBE VIBE

Team FAMM once again

Sharing is caring Smasher

Due to one very strict Physio, no names mentioned...I have hired my sidekick to write up this morning's FAMM, which saw an intrepid group of Athletes, including 2 D├ębutantes make their way up our trusted Lion's Head...Over to you Camel Man.

There is a theory that “if a butterfly flaps its wings in Beijing there could be an earthquake in San Francisco.”

This definitely applies to all that are involved with EYB. As the first footstep graced Lions Head this morning, the oversleeping EYB athletes missing in action would all have stirred, some woken, some not, but somewhere deep within would have been an instinctive summons to the depths of their internal VIBE. For some it was as if a sonic boom passed centimeters above their sleeping minds. This can be the only explanation for the without alarm-post night out-5:50am-wakeup and dash that occurred this morning to see FLA King of the Mountain with owner in tow showing a late appearance at the chain ladders. Either that or the saying that ‘there is no I in team’ was taken to new levels and King of the Mountain selflessly acted as car guard.

Other than the huge late sweeping effort from the missing athlete, that would have put Smasher's efforts at collecting strays on a night out to shame, there was a return of Abi and her FLA’s, a lack of Mrs. Vibe due to injury and a distinct ‘thank goodness its Friday’ air….. Smasher even made up for his lack of night before FA with some amusing and well timed "FLA" Action from the adoring Mana herself. Perhaps Mana will master the stairs on her own sometime soon! Epic day, epic walk and once again epic PHV at the much supported Vida on Kloof.

So, everyone is waiting with great anticipation of the events tomorrow...rumour has it that shops far and wide have been scoured in aid of expressing ‘a touch of vibe’. I shudder to think at what will be on show, I also await with as much eager as a cha wow wow for growth hormones…..

Until next time Athletes...

Kodak moment

Athletes were last seen on the slopes of Lion's Head before the Tablecloth swallowed them whole


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